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COLORS adds crime to it's bouquet; All set to launch Shaitaan - A Criminal Mind

Isn’t this figure alarming? Have you ever reflected on what was the criminal thinking before getting his mind out of control? We believe the effect is nothing but the extension of a cause. What if you could get inside the mind of a criminal and nail down the reason that led him to the gruesome crime! With this thought, COLORS launches an investigative series Shaitaan – A criminal mind, a show produced by Miditech that breaks through the psyche of the criminal and understand the emotional undercurrents that often lie hidden behind an act of criminality. Popular TV actor Sharad Kelkar takes on the role of an anchor, the analyst - who will take the audiences through the complex crime and the monster mind behind the transgression. The show is set to go on air this December 1, every Saturday and Sunday at 10.00 p.m. only on COLORS.

Shaitaan - A Criminal Mind presents a convincing fusion of documentary and drama of REAL LIFE cases that are COLD, CALCULATED and PRE-MEDITATED. The episodic series aim to understand the mindset, circumstances and the reasons which lead to the crime taking the psychologist route along with dramatization to give a view of the mind-set of the criminal. The show will creates a sense of anxiety about what went wrong and how it could have been averted. It involves and makes viewers think. From serial killers, to child murderers the show is going to analyze cases across different types of crimes and profile the criminals according to their mindset.

The series will present the viewers with crime cases arising out of obsession, jealousy, adoption scams to kidnapping or extortion, domestic abuse to marital rape, from Juvenile crimes to cases of extreme ragging, from Serial killers to brutal rapists. Some stories below:

# Meerut Cab Killers

A bunch of cabbies picked passengers late night from bus depots or railway stations and would kill them for money, initially, then for sadism. They murdered more than 250 people and dumped their bodies across the state before they were caught. A classic study of a hive mind where a cult leader convinced a bunch of other people that were alienated by society to strike back and kill them.

# Serial Killer Sadashiv Sahu

This is the story of a frail and diminutive cloth shop owner in a wayside village of Fursatganj UP who goes on horrid killing spree that of killing 36 people over a period of 36 months, in a most calculated, premeditated and remorseless manner, in the wake of being mercilessly beaten by a mob of people, that perhaps wrongfully charged him with rape.  Sadashiv claimed to have been instructed in this serial killing by an ‘unknown inner force’, on whose urgings he would walk miles to stalk his prey before shooting them at point blank range with his gun.

Speaking on the latest offering from COLORS, Manisha Sharma, weekend programming head of the channel comments, “Viewers have evolved today and are looking for more real, relatable and topical content. Crime and criminals always carry an intriguing element. The series combines mystery, drama, thrill and horror while putting an emphasis on the emotional connect associated with every act of crime. There is always a sense of ‘what happens next’ and has a strong investigative thread. With this show, we extend the COLORS bouquet with a new genre and our effort towards delivering variety entertainment to our audience.”

Talking about the show Shaitaan – A Criminal Mind and his role as an anchor, Sharad Kelkar said, “With Shaitaan, my role goes beyond just anchoring and that of analysing the mind-set of the criminal and dissecting the complex journey of the crime. Our attempt is to present the other side, however cruel and heartless a criminal may be... the crime always germs from an emotional undercurrent that is hidden behind the act. It’s a big responsibility that rests on my shoulder but I have accepted it as a challenge and would definitely want to make a difference in the lives of my audiences by presenting these cases that will force them to re-think.

According to Nikhil J Alva, Co-Founder of Miditech Pvt. Ltd, the production company behind the series, “Shaitaan - A Criminal Mind profiles the criminal and not just the crime; it undertakes a complete behavioural analysis that makes for good viewing. The show is backed by in-depth research and a support team of psychologists, psychiatrists, experts on forensics, criminology and law, before each story is etched out.” He further added, “The show needed a host who not only had a strong personality but was smart thinking and had a questioning mind set to bring to life a role that's much more than that of a regular Sutradhar. In Sharad, we've found an actor, who lends himself completely to the role.”

Providing dramatic recreations of actual events through the facts, documents and interviews from people connected to the happening, Shaitaan – A Criminal Mind promises to take the audiences as close to the crime as one can get.


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