COLORS INFINITY airs the return of the Dream Team

‘It’s Not Bragging If It’s true!’ – Harvey Specter. So, we’re not bragging when we announce that you can ONLY watch the latest episodes of your favourite legal-drama SUITS exclusively on COLORS INFINITY and no place else. Airing at the same time as the US, COLORS INFINITYpresents Instant Premiere of the much-awaited finale season of SUITS every Thursday at 12pm.

It’s time to suit up one last time, as we bid adieu to our favourite team of super-lawyers – Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty),Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl), Alex Williams (Dulé Hill), Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) and Patrick J Adams playing Mike Ross (yes, he’s back) as the show culminates in an epic climax.

Opining on the latest Instant Premiere, Hashim D’Souza – Head of Programming, English Entertainment, Viacom18, said, “Standing atop in the list of legal-dramas, SUITS is a bona fide sensation that’s created a fanbase across the world as well as in India, with a gripping story and unimpeachable performances by an ensemble cast. Through Instant Premieres, COLORS INFINITY remains as the only platform that brings to viewers in India the drama and excitement of this iconic show at the same time as viewers across the world. Making the finale season its biggest and best yet with Mike’s return, Harvey & Donna’s inevitable romance and a new indomitable threat to the firm, Suits will undoubtedly keep viewers at the edge of their seats.”

Season 9 marks the end of the road for the show, and here’s a few reasons why you just cannot miss the extraordinary finale season;

The Dream Team is back with Mike’s return

Perhaps the most anticipated return on any television series, after being away for a complete season Mike Ross returns for the finale season reinstating the ‘Dream Team’

DARVEY, finally! (Donna & Harvey)

Marinating for over eight seasons, the romantic connection and tensions between Donna & Harvey (DARVEY) finally reached its peak, and we can only wait to see how this utopian relationship blooms in season 9. P.S. We might also ultimately get to know the ‘Can Opener’ mystery.

Louis will finally be a dad

Exhibiting paternal instincts in his very own quirky form, Louis has countless times expressed his wish to father nurture and raise a child, looks like his wishes will finally come true as Sheila is expecting a child. Name on the firm’s wall, Managing Partner & now soon to be dad; seems like everything is going perfectly well for Louis, or is it?

Is it’s still ‘Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams’ now?

With Robert taking the fall for Harvey and Donna in the finale of season 8, forcing him into an early retirement and unsettling the volatile Samantha, it is now up to the new subsumed name partners to take up the mantle.

There’s a mysterious new boss

When all seemed well in the firm finally, a new threat looms over the future of Specter Litt Wheeler Williams. A mystery lady has gained control over the firm, created rifts amongst partners, installed watchdogs and asked for Harvey’s resignation.

There’s all this and much more, as SUITS shows how to really do a finale!

Tailored with hard-core drama, sizzling romance, unpredictable suspense and jaw-dropping moments specifically for the tastes of viewers, Instant Premiere of Suits – season 9 airs every Thursday at 12pm, with repeat at 11pm and also 8pm on Friday, exclusively on COLORS INFINITY



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