“Consumers are still the same, what’s evolved is the understanding of the consumer”

Shopsy by Flipkart, one of the fastest growing hyper-value e-commerce platforms, has launched its latest campaign – #Aaj Shopsy Kiya Kya, with Sara Ali Khan as its brand ambassador. The campaign brings to light the platform’s affordable pricing and the expansive product range curated especially for customers seeking value.

This campaign breaks the myth by showing how online shopping on Shopsy is very affordable and can actually give customers better value across multiple categories such as Kurtis, Sarees, Watches and Home Products. By casting Sara Ali Khan as the protagonist, the campaign aims to bolster Shopsy positioning as a value-driven shopping destination for consumers of India.

In conversation with Adgully, Madhuvanthi Ananth, Head of Marketing and Growth, Shopsy by Flipkart, speaks at length about the core idea behind the ‘#Aaj Shopsy Kiya Kya’ campaign, the media mix for this campaign, evolution in consumer behaviour, and more.

What was the core idea behind #Aaj Shopsy Kiya Kya campaign?

Shopsy is a hyper-value e-commerce company. It mainly caters to consumers who are new to e-commerce. We have been in existence for the past one and a half years, and we have about 150 million downloads so far. The biggest achievement that I am personally proud of is that Shopsy grew by about 5x in the last year. This campaign comes at the beginning of the year and is aimed at acquiring new customers. Thus, the campaign is well thought out after a lot of consumer research. What we understood from our consumer TG is that for them, their family is the focal point. For them, every decision made or every move made has to be ratified by the family. They get very uncomfortable when they are not on board with their decisions. Moreover, there was also an observation that most of us have gone through, which is that when we receive parcels from an e-commerce vendor, we often get questioned at home as to where all of this is coming from and how we are getting the money to buy so much.

Based on these insights, we don’t like to keep our families out of our decisions. Since Shopsy is a hyper value platform, we show our protagonist being able to buy a kurti for as less as Rs 25 and at the same time also being to convert her parents, saying one can get everything on the platform – from fashion to household items. Thus, our campaign is very well rooted in a consumer insight which is extremely relatable to most of the households.

We are going pan-India with the campaign and will be airing it across multiple languages and in multiple geographies.

What will be the media mix for this campaign?

This will be primarily a TV campaign and hence, it will be led by TV, followed by digital and then influencer activations, which will provide a very good surround-sound for the campaign as well.

What are your observations on the evolution in consumer behaviour in the past few years?

The consumers are still the same. What has evolved is the understanding of the consumer. The more we study them, the more nuances that we understand about them and more things we are able to bring to life. For example, the family being a focal point is something that we have been studying in the last six months. Earlier, if you look at our campaigns from last March or last August, the family aspect of it wouldn’t have come through. I think this year, we wanted to make it extremely relatable and hence, we came up with this idea which we think is very close to our hearts. What we have also observed from our digital angle is that consumers are inundated with multiple communications across multiple brands. All of the channels are social media via WhatsApp or any other digital mediums where they consume content, they are inundated with so many messages that things can get lost. Thus, unless you personalise and understand the preferences of the consumer and what he or she is even looking for, and what their digital footprints are, and then basing your messaging and your advertising on those insights, things on the digital front will also not work. It is about understanding the customer, what they are doing on each of these channels, and then tailoring your messages accordingly. I think that’s where marketers should be spending a lot more of their bandwidth.

Which agency was behind this campaign?

Our creative partner is Leo Burnett Orchard. We had given them the mandate to understand the ‘new to e-commerce customers’ and then come up with something that is very simple yet very enjoyable to watch. I think they have brought it out in a lot more entertaining manner. I think we hit a home run there.


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