Content marketing evolution in 2021

Authored by Sharat Krishnan, Head of Marketing, Melorra

Content marketing is not a novel aspect. However, in the post-COVID world of digital content marketing, the playbooks have rapidly changed. Add the constantly evolving Google and social media algorithms, and you will find that change is the only constant in the field of content marketing. When done right, content can drive brand visibility, popularity and revenue generation. But to get it right, you need to ride the trends well. Here are some ways in which the world of content is bound to move forward in 2021.

Your expertise will matter

Google is now going to move steadily away from the good old keyword focused search. By creating long-form content strategically, you can create a pillar around which the subsequent content pieces will revolve. A number of YouTubers and websites are already doing this successfully. Create a content tree wherein your primary piece will serve as the stem that branches off in the form of subsequent ones. The expertise of your content has to shine through multiple forms of visual presentation such as graphics, illustrations, videos and blogs which help you optimally harness the search landscape. 

Value-driven content

There are countless websites and no matter which field you are in, there will always be plenty of content pages and types that your target audience gets to see on any given day. To stand out from the crowd, you need to offer genuine value for their attention. Click-bait or dime a dozen content is not going to result in conversions. You have to understand what your audience is looking for and deliver content that meets their requirements and not just search terms.


If you search for any topic, chances are that as many as 3 out of 5 results will offer you exactly or nearly the same pieces of content. This is because even if nobody says it, they are likely to have been ‘inspired’ by the same source. There are so many content spinning thought leaders and influencers out there, but what truly hooks the audience is the deep insights and suggestions that you will offer. Create original content and give the audience the information that your own research or experience has provided you with. For instance, Melorra recently unveiled ‘Designer Speak’ series of short videos which featured jewellery designers discussing the thoughts, trends and impact of the jewellery pieces designed by them. The video posts highlighted the style impact made by such jewellery for the contemporary women professionals.

Interactive, engaging and atomized content

The average web user’s attention span is barely few seconds, and if you don’t reel them in within that ‘blink and miss’ timeframe then your content will go unnoticed. You have to go hook, line and sinker with the engagement. People want to gain value from your content, but they also put equal emphasis on enjoying it, and interacting with it. Had that not been the case then everybody would have been writing white papers online! Your business content has to directly tug at the heart-strings of the audience, and make them want to know more. Multi-format content integrating stories, short-videos, GIFs interspersed with quality information are going to make things easier for the audience and generate revenue for your business. Also, make sure to atomize the content by breaking it down into short videos, micro-blogs or infographics. If you have a topic containing ten points then make it a ten part series and your engagement will skyrocket. To generate interest in the Valentine’s day collection, we shared a series of posts using #UpYourGiftingGame and jewellery gifting ideas and tips targeting the male audience. 

User experience is the new success parameter

As we mentioned earlier, expertise and information quality are important, but so is engagement and user experience of your content. If someone has to go through 50 pages of a PDF or the tonality of a white paper then chances are that your content will be rated lower by the customers. Design of the content, loading time, navigation and content format are all factors that will make the difference. Hence, optimized websites with easy navigation and personalization are going to score higher in consumer ratings and drive more traffic towards the cart.

In conclusion

In the post COVID-19 world, people are looking for value, respect and personalization. They want to be heard and their concerns taken care of. As a brand content marketing strategist, it is crucial to keep in mind that content should be made desirable and not forced down the timelines or notifications. Once a brand masters this art, then there is no limit to the potential that the content marketing channel will offer it in 2021!

 DISCLAIMER: The views expressed are solely of the author and does not necessarily subscribe to it. 


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