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Convergence of humans and technology in content production

Authored by Mayank Jain, Co-founder, Scalenut.

Today, people are accustomed to navigating the digital world for most of their needs. From shopping online for essentials to consuming content for entertainment, users are more active online than ever before. With billions of people active on social media platforms, brands like YouTube, Google, and Netflix have become staples in people's lives. Leading businesses and brands are constantly focused on reaching a global audience online by bulking up their digital marketing spends. In 2019, the worldwide digital advertising spend was approximately $325 billion. It is estimated to grow to $389 billion in 2021. 

With unparalleled growth in the digital space, the demand for innovative and compelling content has skyrocketed. Leading businesses and brands are spending extensively to bolster customer acquisition online. Irrespective of the field, niche, or sector, every business needs a massive and continued supply of high-quality content to build sustainable business models. Content is at the heart of the equation and has changed the face of digital business. Today, content creators are dominating the industry, while content creation itself has evolved. This has culminated in a convergence between humans and technology in the content production process.

From YouTube stars and massively successful influencers, there is a surge in the growth of content creators online. There is a plethora of tools, techniques, and software available to augment content creation. Artificial intelligence has started to play a significant role. For example, language prediction is changing the way written content is produced. Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GTP-3) is a language model that harnesses machine learning to create text. Created by Open AI, it helps create human-like text by leveraging artificial intelligence. Another popular platform that is revolutionizing the process of visual content creation is "Canva". It is a graphic design platform that helps users create various types of social media graphics. Automation tools and AI are enhancing and optimizing content creation. It helps expedite, augment and streamline the process. Soon AI and automation will become indispensable not only to content creation but also to businesses and brands.

Artificial intelligence and automation are becoming increasingly vital to the process of content creation. From applications of voice-to-text augmented reality, and virtual reality, content creation has become dynamic and multifaceted. Borders are blurring, while technology allows creators to breathe life into their concepts and ideas. What was once thought impossible is now a reality. Content creation has evolved tremendously, yet there is massive untapped potential to explore and unleash.

Content will continue to drive the digital world, while content creation will continue to grow and evolve. Technology will catalyse creative minds, while content creation will become the perfect blend of human innovation and technological aid.

 DISCLAIMER: The views expressed are solely of the author and does not necessarily subscribe to it. 


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