Conversational Intelligence helps unlock meaningful customer relationships

Talkwalker, the leading enterprise listening company, in partnership with Trustpilot, a leading review platform, has launched its latest report on State of Conversation 2021 in India. A survey was conducted with over 1000+ marketing, PR, and consumer insights professionals, focusing on the importance of consumer and customer conversations for data-driven brands.  Plus, insights from 50+ experts across the world’s biggest brands and agencies were collected to support the report.

The report reveals how different regions of the world have experienced changes in consumer conversations due to the pandemic, as well as regional perception when it comes to brand intelligence and data maturity. This latest research discusses the growing importance of customer-centricity and conversational intelligence for enterprise brands in the midst of coronavirus.

Here is a brief overview of some key takeaways from the report:

82% of surveyed industry professionals believe that the pandemic has changed their understanding of the consumer.

Top 3 channels in India, where brands interact with customers are: 30% on social media, 21% on blogs and 15% on review sites.

The main reason to use these channels in the Indian market is: 26% said for customer feedback & support. While 24% said for product research & innovation, and 17% said for brand promotion.

-        Brands need to humanize customer engagement and optimize customer experiences

While COVID-19 has boosted digital interactions, consumers are looking for more human contact and support in their brand experiences

-        Technology & digital transformation will be a must to adapt to the new normal

There is much to be done in terms of analytics training & education, with less than 44% of respondents seeing their brand as extremely data-driven. Yet experts identify technology as a key in 2021, to make sense of sentiment around your brand, your competitors, or your industry at scale.

-        Speed to insights becomes critical to understand changing consumer demands

 With over 50% of respondents confirming the existence of data silos within their organizations, it is time for leaders to break down information barriers and let customer and consumer intelligence flow from all channels.

“Today’s consumers expect brands to meet them where they are, with empathy, and a shared set of values,” Benjamin Soubies, Managing Director for Asia Pacific & Japan at Talkwalker, commented at the launch of the report in India. “Conversational Intelligence is the key to unlocking meaningful customer relationships by understanding what customers are saying, where they are saying it and why.”



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