Creative tech and how it can be a game-changer for a brands social currency

Authored by Ambika Sharma, Managing Director of Pulp Strategy.

Millennials and Gen Z together comprise generations that have had a significantly different upbringing than the previous generation.  While one generation has quickly adapted to being digitally native, the other is a ‘digital first-born.’ And now, they dominate the economic and demographic landscape in India.

India is deemed to be the country with the youngest workforce by 2020. The millennial population in India is pegged at a whopping 426 million, which far outstrips their numbers in the United States (70 million) and China (218 million). This generation is smart not only because of the devices that lie in their pockets, but because they know how to use it to their optimum advantage. Convenience, instant results and a propensity towards having unique experiences distinguishes this generation’s purchasing behavior.  Appealing to this crucial customer segment demands something new, as conventional marketing method New audiences demand new directions, and undoubtedly, this target group has completely turned the tables on

Conventional marketing methods.

One of the fundamental traits (or virtues) that defines this generation is the desire to seek complete transparency, and a deep distrust towards authority or the sense of being preached. With the morals of the ‘Flower Power’ generation forming their core behavioural DNA and a deep-seated desire to find the fun in everything, a superficial reading of them might suggest they are not serious about everything. However, dig deeper and you will find this reading to be far from the truth.

Millennials have a strong moral compass and cherish honesty, authenticity and a human touch. No wonder then that movies from superhero franchises such as Marvel are so successful in their world, as it paints a picture of a better future and spread the idea that standing up for what is right is a power within itself. Popularization of the spirit of being righteous to the point of making it cool also opens up new areas of opportunity for marketers to create a larger impact and develop a relation between the brand and the audience.

Fun, relatable, authentic, that’s how they like the content

Millennials like content. And they love content that relates to them, is fun and easily relatable. Peer generated content is one of the greatest gifts of this social media driven generation. For the first time, marketers can make full utilization of audiences as an extremely effective means of marketing. Relevant, authentic opinions from peers and real users, created in a language the target audience identifies and speaks in gets the most attention from this audience.

Personalize in a social way

By using new-age technologies such as AI-ML, we have reached a granular level of marketing unlike ever before. However, with such personalization and customer empowerment through engagement channels, an individual user has also become much more important. In such a scenario, a brand needs to be very sure of its narrative and be proactive at presenting a unified engagement front. A strong core insight, strengthened by dynamic, concentric marketing efforts, appeals to new-age audiences.

Market according to the tools

85 per cent of the millennials use smartphones and are more technologically inclined. Therefore, all marketing efforts today need to be optimized for the tools of the current generation i.e. smartphones and smart devices. Short loading time, good page viewing and an engaging interface score highly with current audiences. Google’s recent AMP optimized page loading has also revolutionized responsive web-design for users.

Narrative driven marketing

Today, stories are the best marketing currency. Inspiring, honest, delightful stories that have a positive end-note inclining more towards hopeful than happy works best with users. Even enterprises in sectors such as BFSI, traditionally regarded as cold and transactional, are increasingly moving towards spinning experiential yarns to keep the audiences hooked.

Co-create and be conscious

Modern audiences do not view brands as standalone concepts. Audiences are a thriving part of the ecosystem today, and they want their brands to follow suit. Brands need to engage with users, be responsible socio-culturally and generate organic ideas from within the user community which will then find ready acceptance.

About the Author

Ambika Sharma, a thoroughbred marketing professional with an experience of 15+years, in new-age marketing and technology integration, spearheads Pulp Strategy  Communications as the Founder & Managing Director. This first generation entrepreneur is accountable for integrated planning and implementation, improvement and consolidation in the organization and strategizing the creative communication for brands.

Ambika holds an Honors Degree in English Literature and is a trained software professional with an additional post-graduate degree in Mass Communication. She visualizes Pulp Strategy Commu nications to be the largest independent agency in India, creating value for clients in the form of better connectivity, stronger content, meaningful mobility, intellige nt engagement and seamless experiences through cutting edge technology, research, innovati on, talent and training.


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