Crime Patrol turns 12, gets an energy booster

Twelve years back Crime Patrol became the first of its kind show to be aired on television – it was the first crime show on Indian television based on real life stories.  Prior to that, crime was either shown on news channels or in case of GEC, was fictional.

Crime Patrol, in celebration of its twelve years of successful existence, has come up with a new campaign.  Subramanian producer of crime patrol says, “Crime Patrol has seen a huge success.  We want to bring in more audiences and hence, are putting in more energy into the show. We are now almost 12 years old now, so we are planning new themes for this show. The campaign will also focus on giving a new light to the show.”

Television in recent times has seen a slew of crime shows. A number of channels have seen a potential in depicting real crime stories of India. Talking about what makes Crime Patrol stand apart, he opines, “Crime patrol has always been different from all the shows that deal with crime as a genre. It is the only show which has remained true to its content. It is realistic, not over dramatic and is done in a very sincere manner. From its content to the way it is shot, from the acting by the actors to the realistic picture of crime in the country, are all the factors which make this show stand apart from all the other shows in the television space.”

He believes that a few brickbats along with a number of accolades that the show has received are not dampeners. He expresses, “We do feel sad when people point finger because we try to make the viewers’ aware of what is happening around them. We not only send out the message that criminal is out there but also that no one can be saved from the law. We keep saying that crime does not stay hidden for a long time. The fact is that everything has two sides and we just need to see the side that we want to believe in.”

He expresses that there is crime galore and the stories are selected based on certain parameters. He says, “We believe if any story affects us this much, it will have the same reaction from the audience. We spend a lot of time in understanding why this person, how did heshe get into this mind-set. This makes us filter many of the stories. The main objective of Crime Patrol is to send home the message that this should not have happened.”

Gruesomeness of the crime shown in some of the Crime Patrol episodes shakes us as audiences. Does it not rattle the production team? He says, “It's not easy for us. Our idea is to look at it in an analytical way and not get carried away. We desire to show the fighting spirit in a person/story. Basically we've to filter our emotions and analyse them. It's important to show people how important it is to talk about these issues.”  


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