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D2C Sleep solutions brand, SleepyCat launches #OwnYourComfort Campaign

SleepyCat, India’s premium D2C sleep solutions brand has launched a new nationwide cross-platform digital campaign, #OwnYourComfort to create awareness about making comfort a priority and taking a break to relax, the permanent normal. The campaign is conceptualized and produced by Flux - The Glitch. 

Established in August 2017 to break the clutter in the Indian sleep solutions market, SleepyCat’s #OwnYourComfort campaign sheds light on the fast-paced life which doesn’t allow people to pause and take a break without feeling guilty. In a world that’s on-the-go 24/7, people seem to have forgotten how to breathe. The culture over the past few decades has cemented the belief that if you're not constantly busy doing something, you're never going to be successful, ultimately signalling that rest is for the weak.

With this campaign, SleepyCat is leading the growing trend among startups to break stereotypes and challenge perceptions. With #OwnYourComfort, the brand will champion the need to celebrate taking breaks, brag about being well-rested, over proclamations of hustling, and “being on” all the time. They want to create awareness about how sleep, rest, and taking breaks help with overall well-being while improving creative thinking ability, aiding productivity, improved concentration and judgement. 

Commenting on the launch of the new campaign, Kabir Siddiq, Founder & CEO, SleepyCat said, “Over the years, we have seen how the hustle culture is leading people to burnout. People aren’t taking breaks as it's perceived to be unproductive. With the launch of the #OwnYourComfort campaign, we want to break this notion and shout it from the rooftops really. That to pause and take breaks to rest, reflect and relax is non-negotiable. Work and social commitments will always be there, and while you’re giving those aspects your all, who is taking care of you? Owning your comfort and giving time to yourself significantly improves an individual’s overall physical and mental wellbeing. Apart from creating awareness, we are also on a mission to create the most innovative and comfortable sleep products to help people relax, rest, and recharge better.” 

Conceptualised by Flux - The Glitch, the visual story's focus was to make the consumer relate and identify how the day-to-day activities lead to a stage of confusion and exhaustion, making taking a break even more essential. Tathagata Ray, Creative Director, Flux said, “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve strained the beauty of being at home, thanks to ‘Work From Home’. While collaborating with SleepyCat on this film, we realized how each of us are craving to have conscious breaks in between work hours. The message is quite clear, work hard, but relax harder.”

Varun Anchan, AVP- Content Strategy and Business, Flux,  says “We wanted to ‘normalise’ the whole act of taking a break and prioritising yourself which in today’s world seems to be forgotten given the situation we’re in! The whole idea was to live guilt-free by doing so. Through this film, we’re trying to get people to think for themselves when it’s absolutely necessary, and for us, the best way to inculcate this thought was by collaborating with SleepyCat, a brand that has is distinctive in their approach.”

Based in Mumbai, SleepyCat introduced India to the concept of a mattress-in-a-box and focused on ‘factory to doorstep’ mattress delivery, to solve for the broken consumer journey involved in an offline purchase. In less than 4 years since its inception, SleepyCat has become one of the top-rated players in the category shipping over 10,000 products a month across categories. The brand emphasizes high quality, transparency in product-related communication and aims to improve the quality of sleep.




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