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Dash101 launches its new brand campaign #DoitAll

The year 2020 was a mixed bag of a lot of things; from emotions to cultivating new habits, from accepting the new normal to figuring out a way around it. Above all, it was a year that challenged us, our capabilities, our skills, and more. It played out more like an excuse to do or not to do things, alike.

The Dash101 team took this consumer insight and worked out a brand marketing campaign that focuses on freeing one up from these excuses by helping entrepreneurs, easily set up your business and are able to #DoItAll from the comforts of one’s home and one’s own chair!

This also got the team thinking on the lines of how one can sit at home and get productive too. While we all saw trends like Dalgona coffee and banana bread ruling the internet, the team thought of going a step further and actually cooking up a storm by helping you create an online store.  In fact, this is the time to get your business up and running especially since everyone has now moved online. All the business ideas you’ve had with your counterparts or over casual dinners can now materialize in a more realistic and hands-on manner. Don’t just sit back and relax because now is the right time to give your entrepreneurial dreams a push, from anywhere!

The whole idea is to give your business a trusted platform to operate from while also making it easy for you to manage it all by sitting at home.

To see one’s business dreams turn into reality is something that can be made possible at Dash101. An entrepreneur, at best, will hire a web developer to put together everything related to design, for the brand. We understood the effort and challenges that entrepreneurs are faced with just so that they can grow their business and increase their digital presence. Speaking of struggles, even having one’s finances in place or estimating inventory, can be quite a herculean task if you don’t know how and where to begin. Starting a new business is anything but easy, for someone who is doing it for the first time.

That being said, it gave us something to do and provided us with a fresh new perspective on how successful businesses can run online.

We at Dash101 are striving to reach out to Bharat and we only aspire to get smaller traditional businesses to go online. Small social sellers need to believe in their business and aim to make it into a brand that is recognized across the country.

Kalpak Chhajed, Co-Founder, Dash101 adds, “Our approach to democratizing entrepreneurship has always rested on making business simpler. So, when we asked ourselves, what an entrepreneur would want for a successful business; we realized that there are so many pieces the seller has to put together - logistics, collecting payments, and marketing to name a few. Thus, the need of the hour for us to create, was a full-stack e-commerce platform that’s available right out of the box, to do it all!”

At Dash101, you can find the right digital dashboard that helps you understand your customers better, build user-friendly and beautiful websites, helps you track orders from the beginning till it’s delivered and in turn saves you a lot of time. Neither do you need to maintain a ledger nor worry about your inventory because Dash101 takes care of everything?

Another bonus for entrepreneurs starting their business with us is that we have tied up with some of the best shipping partners that ship across 27,000+ pin codes. To put it simply, this app just brings together your online business requirements; from the web to payment, from logistics to smart consumer insights. Find all this on one platform - Dash101.

Just like the New Year has opened a new chapter for all of us, why don’t we also reinvent ourselves and work on those business ideas #BaitheBaithe with Dash101? It’s time to renew our vows to success and make it count.

So, let us try to #DoItAll for you and your business as your one-stop online business partner.

Brand Manager, Saurav Chatterjee puts it as, "Sitting down isn't as unproductive as we make it out to be. In society, if someone is seen sitting down and on their phone, it's stigmatized to think they're being lazy. Over the past year, sitting has pretty much been normalized. The message we want to drive home is that you can sit down on your barcalounger and run the online business you've been planning. Business daudao, lekin baithe baithe."


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