DBS Bank India announces its brand campaign ‘Live more, Bank less’

DBS Bank India’s category-defying brand campaign ‘Live more, Bank less’ underlines the bank’s belief that a different kind of bank is needed in a post-pandemic world- a bank that is more technology and sustainability-focused. In 2018, as it turned 50, DBS told customers it wanted them to ‘Live more, Bank less. Four years on, the bank continues to defy the status quo – this time, with its brand campaign, the bank makes it clear it is more like a good friend, more like a business booster, more like an award-winning techie, and less like a traditional bank.

Since 2014, the bank, in many ways, raced ahead of its peers in transforming itself digitally. In India specifically, DBS through its unique “phygital” model intends to offer its customers a different kind of banking experience - which is less like a conventional bank, and instead a forward-looking tech company offering financial services. At the same time, it will continue its focus on purpose-driven initiatives addressing sustainability issues and creating a lasting impact in the lives of individuals and businesses beyond banking.

In the last two years, India has witnessed a dramatic acceleration in digital consumption demand and felt an urgency to tackle climate change and social inequity. DBS, which has championed stakeholder capitalism way before it was fashionable, affirms its commitment toward long-lasting change and prides itself on being the exception in the industry.

Elaborating on the campaign, Shoma Narayanan, Managing Director - Group Strategic Marketing & Communications at DBS Bank India, said “DBS continues to break boundaries and reimagine banking to provide a seamless experience to customers. We constantly innovate to meet evolving customer needs while also supporting the community we live in. Rather than fitting into the conventional notions of a 'traditional bank’, we are a bank for the times - digital, agile and sustainable - a different kind of bank for a post-Covid world."

Being a different kind of bank

The campaign encapsulates several aspects of how DBS embodies being a different kind of bank:

  • Inculcating a startup culture: Emerging technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning continue to mature and will likely reshape the world of finance in the coming decade. By imbuing a startup culture in the organisation and equipping employees with relevant digital skills, a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship will continue to thrive
  • Committing to continuous innovation: DBS embarked on its digital transformation journey in 2014 so customers can “Live more, Bank less”, and have more time to spend on the people and things they care about. In recent years, it has intensified these efforts, which have contributed to it being named “World’s Best Bank” and “World’s Best Digital Bank” multiple times. Whether it is in leveraging Artificial intelligence/ Machine learning and data, Blockchain technology, or ecosystem partnerships, the bank seeks to ensure that banking is simple, fast, increasingly personalised, and seamlessly woven into everyday life. For example, to support entrepreneurship and innovation, DBS partnered with startup venture capital fund Anthill Ventures and evangelist network Headstart Network Foundation to launch DBS Business Class FoundED; a forum that celebrates modern-day founders, innovators and encourages entrepreneurship
  • Advancing the sustainability agenda: From banking underserved communities and supporting social enterprises to prioritising action on climate change, DBS is guided by a sense of responsibility to society and the planet. The bank also champions financial inclusion and has encouraged a movement towards zero food waste. Recently, DBS awarded grants of up to SGD 2,50,000 to SMEs with innovative sustainable solutions in reducing energy consumption, reducing waste, and empowering sustainable supply chains. With its vision to nurture businesses working towards good, DBS awarded grants to three Indian social enterprises through its Social Enterprise Grant Programme which are working towards diverse social impact areas in sustainable waste management, education space and empowering tribal women. The Bank has also set decarbonisation targets reinforcing its commitment toward net zero emissions. DBS is committed to becoming net zero in its financed emissions by 2050 and has selected nine industry sectors for decarbonisation that represent the most carbon-intensive sectors in the bank’s portfolio.

Even DBS’ communication and advertising over the years, has been unlike that of a usual bank. DBS Sparks is just one example. An industry first online mini series, follows a group of young bankers navigating work and their personal lives. Inspired by true stories, the mini series depicts how these bankers challenge the status quo, go above and beyond to solve their client’s challenges and truly make an impact in DBS’ quest to be the best bank, in a better world. Since its inception, SPARKS has garnered over 58M views and 10M engagements in India alone. Their upcoming season focuses on the people and technologies that make DBS a #differentkindofbank.

DBS has been named “World’s Best Bank” and “World’s Best Digital Bank” by multiple publications such as Euromoney, Global Finance and The Banker in recent years. In 2022, it was recognised by Brand Finance as the most valuable bank brand in Southeast Asia and among the top 40 global bank brands, with a brand value of USD 8.7 billion. DBS has been also accorded the “Safest Bank in Asia” award by Global Finance for 14 consecutive years from 2009 to 2022. In addition, the Bank was also featured among the top 10 business transformations of the decade in Harvard Business Review in the year 2019.


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