Dhara’s inspirational women narrative could have been much more

Dhara, the edible cooking oil brand from Mother Dairy, recently launched a new digital campaign – #WomenOfChange. The campaign focuses on extra-ordinary stories of ordinary women and highlights those women who, apart from their chores and societal responsibilities, have found the time to pursue their passion. 

The video-led campaign will introduce one video every month across all social media and digital pages with the aim to highlight scenarios which do not get the limelight they deserve. 

Elaborating on the thought behind the campaign, Sanjeev Giri, Business Head – Dhara, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable, said, “We have seen women constantly juggling between roles, leaving out the things they love doing the most, and yet there are many astonishing ordinary lives with extra-ordinary stories within them. The new initiative is an extension to our umbrella positioning of ‘Zara Sa Badlaav’, as these videos of ordinary women will encourage others to dig deep and search for their true calling, thereby invoking a change within.” 

Dhara has launched the campaign in association with Mix Route Juice. Talking about the creative brief, Amrita Sharma, Co-founder and Creative Head, Mix Route Juice, said, “Dhara has been pro-women from the beginning of its existence and wants to showcase women outside the kitchen. We wanted to showcase women who are redefining the traditional role of a woman in society today.” 

Being a digital campaign, it allows the videos to be of longer duration, making for a stronger narrative. With the target audience being women in the age group of 25 years and above, such stories being showcased each month will definitely provide motivation to women. While the younger women will be motivated to chase their dreams, the older ones might finally understand the idea of “It’s never too late”. Following your passion and dream is a right everyone in society should have, and no societal pressure should be a hindrance for this. Sharing her views on the campaign, Rini Dutta, Founder, Centric Brand Advisors LLP, said, “The first film in the ‘Zara Sa Badlaav’ campaign is beautifully crafted. It draws the viewer in with an interesting story line and great performance. While there are some strategic shots of the product in the film, it is subtle and well done. Overall, I liked the idea of following one’s passion irrespective of one’s age. Authentic and engaging. The target audience will be able to relate to and enjoy this campaign.” 

However, the story Dhara picked had a lot more potential than what was portrayed. Giving up on one’s dreams isn’t an easy thing to do and often involves intense emotions. Highlighting that, along with the reason why women, or this particular woman in the video, gave up her dreams could have eventually translated into a bigger and better impact. While the video is shot well and looks quite impressive, it leaves you expecting more and the final impact is still missing. 

As KV ‘Pops’ Sridhar, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Hyper Collective, opined, “Similar stories have been told and displayed earlier. The reason why the lady in the video gave up on her dreams would have been a powerful story. The narrative only talks about her leaving her ambitions for her societal chores, which is still great. However, the reason for leaving would create the drama and more compelling story. It is still a nice thing to talk about and the video is well produced, however the impact is still missing.” 

While this campaign is an extension of Dhara’s ‘Zara Sa Badlaav’ positioning, talking about women achieving their dreams and passions will definitely have a universal appeal across TG. With Dhara planning to come up with such inspiring stories in new videos launched each month, we hope to see more impactful and compelling women-oriented stories in the future.


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