Digital dependence is bound to grow multifold in the coming years: Mansi Darbar

We saw the pandemic accelerate the digital transition process of businesses last year. A year later, the implications of this transition have been significant and wide-ranging – from creating consumer experiences & engagements, to e-commerce, online education, e-payments, online medical consultations – almost all off-line activity is now done in the digital space. 

Digital spends have gone up manifold, and brand strategies now incorporate reaching out to consumers in the online space. With this, there has also been the need for upskilling the workforce to tackle the business operational requirements in the new normal.

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In conversation with Adgully, Mansi Darbar, VP – Corporate Strategy & Development – Network, IN10 Media Network, speaks about how digital growth has developed during the pandemic period, what strategies and trainings they have provided to their employees for a better visual attention, as well as the need to focus on both soft and functional skills in the new normal. 

With the accelerated transition to digital due to the pandemic crisis, how has this helped businesses scale up their operations? How do you see this shift to digital panning out over the next 5 years?

The pandemic has catapulted digital’s growth further in the country and across the globe. From brands moving their marketing budgets to the digital medium to production houses increasing their content volume for the OTT platforms, the shift is visible across sectors.

As more and more people get used to the “just a click-away” medium, digital dependence is bound to grow multifold as it becomes a dominant industry as content consumption and subscription as well as viewer participation increases in the coming years.

Talent has always been a challenge when something new disrupts the media world.

How are digital companies scaling their knowledge and imparting training to people?

Companies across industries have set up talent incubation centers to enhance employees’ skills. We, at IN10 Media Network, have a Learning & Development division that identifies learning priorities across the organization. Over time, we have conducted regular workshops, courses like Impactful Business Communication, An Insight into the Distribution Business as well as a Dialogue Series with industry experts to create a learning environment and develop our employees’ skills.

Apart from this, numerous courses are available online, wherein one can update his/her technical knowledge. This helps one to be up-to-date with the developments in the particular field.

Having said that, I strongly believe that while skill is important, the right attitude is essential as well in getting the right talent on board. 

What kind of investments one needs to plan to face the future challenges both in terms of skill and technology?

Going forward, companies will look for employees who are multi-skilled rather than specialised in one skill. Therefore, one needs to expand his/her knowledge by learning new skills to grow in today’s competitive environment. Also, one needs to focus on both soft and functional skills if they want to see themselves in leadership positions.


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