Digital Marketing Best Practices in Different Industries

The world is moving at a pace that’s much faster than it has ever moved before and a lot of that has to do with the rapid developments in the field of technology. It’s a technology-driven world and society is constantly trying to keep up with all the moving parts and pieces in this industry. That’s why it’s very important for commercial establishments and global brands to constantly keep in pace with the digital world. Any failure on the parts of brands to do so would render them virtually irrelevant and that could spell disaster in any kind of industry. In the past, in order for businesses to stay competitive within the market, they would have to execute complex marketing and branding strategies. These days, with a world that’s becoming increasingly digital, many brands are now shifting their marketing and branding efforts towards the digital landscape.


Digital marketing is essentially any kind of marketing effort that’s done online. And considering the fact that a vast majority of the consumer public now lives on the internet for its daily dose of content and information, many brands are looking to strategically position themselves within these digital domains the best way that they can. These digital marketing efforts can take its shape in a variety of different forms like website blogs, YouTube channels, or Instagram pages. Internet trends are changing so often and the best brands are those that are always able to quickly adapt to these seismic shifts within the digital world. In this article, we are going to go over some of the best practices when it comes to digital marketing and what the top brands all around the world are doing to communicate with their audiences.

Affiliate Marketing

One major trend that a lot of brands and retailers do these days is affiliate marketing. Essentially, through affiliate marketing, brands are able to tap influencers, marketers, and salespeople on their behalf to market their products for them via an affiliate program. For example, a tech retailer like Best Buy can tap content creators on YouTube to join their affiliate programs. These content creators would then be given dedicated URLs or purchase links that they can advertise on their platforms for their audiences. This adds more value and credibility to the brand because it’s being advertised by a personality that audiences will tend to trust more. It also entices these personalities to promote the brand because they get corresponding rewards or commissions for every successful purchase via the affiliate program. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media has definitely changed the way that people converse and interact with one another. More than that, social media marketing has also changed the way that brands and companies communicate with their audiences. It offers consumers a more direct line of communication to their favorite brands and establishments. It’s very hard to find a successful company these days without any kind of social media presence. Even old-school conservative brands like Patek Philippe have acknowledged the importance of social media in their marketing. The traditional watchmaker with hundreds of years’ worth of experience in the trade notoriously held out on getting on social media for the longest time. However, eventually, the brand created its own Instagram account in order to connect to its fans better. 

Content Marketing

There’s a saying in the industry that goes, content is king. Considering that this is the digital age, people are constantly starved for content. And the best thing about digital technology is that it allows for content to be produced, distributed, and consumed in so many different ways. These days, content creators are producing videos, music, podcasts, photos, and so many other different forms of engagement for their audiences. That’s why many brands are also capitalizing on this trend by producing engaging content of their own in order to increase awareness of their company values and ideas. Practically all of the top brands in the world have some kind of content creation strategy within their overall marketing system. It’s just one of the most effective ways of reaching new audiences and engaging with them more intimately. 

Bonuses and Promotions

Client acquisition is always very hard. However, one great way to get customers interested in a brand is to get them to try it for free first. This is a common practice for every online casino. These casinos would typically offer up free bonuses or cash matches for every new sign-up on their platform. For example, they can entice users to sign up for an account on their site and they will automatically be rewarded in the form of free spins for slot games or in the form of cash matches. This may increase the customer acquisition costs, but it’s very effective for getting people to actually try a product for the first time and getting their feet through the door. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is fairly similar to affiliate marketing, except that it tends to be more deliberate and overt in its approach to messaging and selling a brand. There are many different types of influencers these days across varied fields like beauty, tech, lifestyle, travel, fashion, and whatnot. Brands within these specific industries will work with influencers in order to tap into the latter’s audiences for exposure and branding. For example, a restaurant can work together with a popular food critic who may have a strong following on social media. They can strike a deal to have the influencer promote the restaurant and potentially increase awareness of the restaurant’s offerings to new people. The reason that this is so effective is that the consumer public tends to be more trusting of influencers than of the actual brands.

Possible Future Trends

As far as future trends are concerned, it’s hard to see how any of these existing trends will not remain relevant considering that they are still very effective. However, it’s very interesting to see how brands will adapt their digital marketing strategies to accommodate the new multiverse technology that’s slowly gaining more and more prominence within the virtual sphere. 



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