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Digital marketing tips for an effective campaign: Abdulla Basha

Designing and implementing a successful marketing campaign not only takes in-depth analysis and understanding, but also knowing why even the most elaborately planned marketing campaigns can fail to big in big profits, writes Abdulla Basha, Co-founder, Social Frontier. 

How businesses work has drastically changed in the past few years. Given the advancements in digital, online and social media, almost every company is striving to make their presence felt in the digital world. Tough competition drives every business, whether big or small, to find fresh ideas that will enable them to reach out to larger global audiences. Smart businesses have witnessed the value and potential of digital marketingand have outgrown the traditional marketing system. Designing and implementing a successful marketing campaign not only takes in-depth analysis and understanding, but also knowing why even the most elaborately planned marketing campaigns can fail to big in big profits. 

Some of the reasons for failure of a marketing campaign include:

  • Inadequate research
  • Employing inappropriate promotion channels
  • Not targeting the right audience
  • Inefficient metrics
  • Not delivering the right message to the audience
  • Ineffective product delivery

How to make your marketing campaign a success 

The success of your marketing campaign begins with targeting the right audience. It must not only inspire and echo your brand image but also present a powerful vision of your organisation. 

Smart marketing strategies often use the right tools that help achieve the best possible innovation that deliver the right impact. Creating and implementing a marketing campaign is not just about arriving at the correct data but also gathering in-depth customer analytics that can help you deliver exactly what your audience wants. 

Here’s what we can learn from some of the most successful marketing promotions around the world. 

Social media marketing

Social media is one of the most efficient platforms which, when used effectively, can give you a great edge over your competitors. A good social media campaign is part of the new age tactics that not only aids to promote your business’s visibility, but also provide the best value to your customers. Social media can help boost traffic, build conversion and create brand awareness. It will also help build your brand image and identity while encouraging a healthy two-way communication channel with your customers. 

The best way to make your marketing campaign stand out is to adopt an all-round approach. It is also important to understand the social platform of your choice fully so that you can use its features to your greater advantage. For instance, while LinkedIn focuses on a professional audience that prefers a formal approach, Facebook allows you to offer the casual images along with infographics, etc., that enhance customer engagement and reach out to a larger audience. 

Mobilise with mobile marketing

With more than 90 per cent of India’s 400 million smart phone users having access to unlimited internet, mobile marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to a huge audience. 

Some of the most effective mobile marketing promos aim at kindling the interest of the customer and increasing engagement by giving them the ultimate user experience. Most businesses have realised the potential of mobile marketing and therefore, launch exclusive mobile or tablet-focused campaigns. 

Building effective content

Effective content needs strong documented strategy and a proper framework. While your content needs to weave a story around your brand, it also must attract the right audience. You need to ensure that your content gives all the information, including the smallest of details that the customer may seek from the early purchase stage to the final check out. Smartly constructed content can not only maximise your conversion and traffic, but also ensure you get the most relevant SEO visibility even after your paid promotions have ended. 

Efficient monitoring and campaign optimisation

A keen focus on understanding your audience, their content preferences, and what they are looking for goes a long way is building a foundation for your campaign. Align the campaign with your business goals and what you want to achieve. 

Think about how you will track your campaign and its step-wise success. Using tools such as Google Analytics to monitor your campaign may help you extract more from your campaign. This can enable you to easily separate your successful campaigns from those that don’t work. Regularly A/B testing ad copies and the effectiveness of various landing pages that work for you can help you identify what really work for your business. 

Getting the most out of metrics

You may have the right channel for your marketing campaign. However, if you don’t have the right metrics in place, you may be compromising on much of the success. Analytics not only help you save cost and time, but also give you valuable visitor info (visitor analytics) such as customer behaviour, purchase preferences and revenue generation (conversion rates). 

Seek professional help

The success of a digital marketing campaign can be defined many factors such as profit generation, overall sales, number of leads, effective SEO placement, increase in social media following, stronger brand image and customer retention, etc. Professional help can not only give your business powerful tools to manage your campaign but also help you make significant strides. For instance, Social Frontier innovative services are designed with a holistic campaign building approach. Our integrated content marketing strategies, advanced technical tracking and deep analytics can assist your business to target and achieve exceptional growth. 

In conclusion

While these basic tips can help you build a better campaign that can deliver higher ROI and leads conversion, when used effectively digital marketing can transform your campaign into a more impactful one that can take your business to great heights.


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