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Disney+ Hotstar’s Escaype Live characters have a few tricks up their sleeve

It is not easy to become an influencer. No matter how easy and flawless the dress switches, the dance steps and the cooking may look. Influencers make it look easy for their fans but their struggles remain mainly off-camera as Disney+ Hotstar’s latest thriller, Escaype Live wonderfully captures. The series depicts the off-camera struggles of content creators to find their IT factor and receive social media fame. Along the way, the show also shares tips on becoming a successful influencer. Their biggest lesson - Be Unique and Be Relatable. So how can commoners like us do it? Hotstar Specials’ Escaype Live’s characters show us how. 

Make a hair statement like Darkie

Standing apart is what wins your eyeballs on social media, a lesson Darkie teaches us effortlessly. Apart from his crazy party scenes, his statement hair colour also makes you remember him for a long time. So maybe finally give in and go for the hair colour you always wished for but never dared.

Mask it like Fetish Girl

Mystery is the mother of intrigue when it comes to social media, and no one does it better than Fetish Girl. With her Venetian mask hiding her identity, she rules hearts and minds. For any aspiring content creator looking to make the mark, crafting their mask can get one way to start.

Add bling like Meenakumari

You can never go wrong with a little bling on social media, which is a lesson to learn from Meenakumari, Escaype Live’s top contender and an absolute crowd favourite. She is always on point with her jewellery for her renditions of famous Bollywood. She teaches how the right statement piece and makeup can win you followers.

Find the right background like Dance Rani

Having a unique setup in the background is key to earning viewers. Dance Rani pulls this off with her exotic desert background for her dance videos. However, if you do not have an exotic background like a desert, ocean or forest to create your content in, you can always opt for the humble living room décor.

Zero-in on a statement piece

No matter what you do as a social media content creator, you need to have a unique prop, act or gesture that is unique to just you. For Amcha Spider, it was his signature neck scarf that set him apart along with his daring parkour acts. You too, can opt for a one-of-a-kind table prop or clothing item for fans to imprint on your handle.

~ Tune into Disney+ Hotstar to see how Escaype Live characters gain followers on the app to emerge as the app’s top creators~


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