Divyanka Tripathi speaks on life after marriage!

The popular telly actress, who got married to TV actor Vivek Dahiya just three weeks ago recently spoke about the popularity of her show and more in a candid chat.

Edited Excerpts:

So how does life feel after marriage?

(Laughs) It has been just over three weeks and right now, every day feels like a party. We are visiting different relatives and friends regularly, and being treated to the best of delicacies is a divine feeling! Life just feels a lot more beautiful after marriage and I am glad that we took this decision of tying the knot at the right time. I am blessed to have a life partner who is so truthful, honest, simple and kind-hearted. Vivek is a true gentleman and in our profession, it always helps to have an actor as your life partner. Both of us understand that we have demanding schedules and never force each other for anything.

You must be happy with the way your career has shaped up, especially after the success of Ye Hai Mohabbatein?

Destiny plays a big role in our careers and I would call YHM a great leap of faith, which worked wonders for everyone. I have worked hard for this role and before the show, I had read the novel on which it is based (Manju Kapur's Custody). The story had moved me and I was in tears at places.When you tell a good story , a show will definitely work. I am happy with whatever I have done so far but in the future, I would love to do a crime related show. While I have done an episode of Adaalat, that is one genre which I have not explored.

There has been a lot of talk about TV content in recent times. Are there any changes that you want to see?

I know about this sentiment, as there are people who come and tell me that shows like Buniyaad aren't made anymore. However, I don't think that creativity has gone for a toss. We have good show-makers and story-tellers even today . The problem is more about time-management. All the great shows in the past worked because they had episode banks to rely on.Today , for most shows, we are shooting non-stop and churning out episodes on a daily basis. In such a scenario, quality is bound to suffer. I think the industry needs to look into this. May be, airing episodes on alternate days or, say , four days in a week, could be a solution. That way , people will have time to create episode banks and also breathe easy .

You are active on social media. How important is this aspect for today's actors?

I just enjoy sharing happy moments of my life with my fans. But I am off it these days as it has become more of a bashing medium now. If your genuine fans send a tweet per day , there will be an army of trolls spreading too much of negativity . Unless an actor really enjoys being on social media platforms, it is avoidable.


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