Do you really need a shaadi for that #SHAADIWALAGlow

Mamaearth, the fastest growing FMCG brand in India, and India’s leading  short form channel FilterCopy, launched a rap song debating the pros and cons of a shaadi for that  #ShaadiWalaGlow. The latest initiative is an extension of the Integrated Marketing Campaign for Ubtan  Face Wash, highlighting the goodness of natural ingredients in the Ubtan Face Wash giving  #ShaadiWalaGlowEveryday, naturally.  

The #ShaadiWalaGlow rap is a humorous take on the traditional perspective on reasons to marry. The rap  song is led by a grandmother who shares quirky way to navigate the wedding chatter and get the  #ShaadiWalaGlow without going through the tedious events of Haldi and Ubtan. The rap caters to the  millennial and Gen Z audience who want the best of everything, and so why should a shaadi wala glow  only come with shaadi while they may be busy chasing their dreams and passions. 

With the promise of goodness inside all products, Mamaearth brings the best of nature and traditional  recipes in hassle-free formulations. Mamaearth's Ubtan face wash is a modern avatar of the traditional  Ubtan with the natural goodness of turmeric and saffron that help remove tan leaving behind radiant skin.  

Commenting on the campaign, Anuja Mishra, Chief Marketing officer, Honasa Consumer Limited  (Mamaearth) said, “We are excited to partner with FilterCopy for our #Shaadiwaalaglow campaign and  believe that FilterCopy's unique perspective and creativity will help us reach a wider audience and connect  with our customers in a meaningful way. The rap is specifically targeted towards the millennial and Gen Z  audience, who are passionate about achieving their dreams and want the best of everything, including a  radiant glow. Our campaign is all about empowering our customers to feel their best every day, and we  believe that the Ubtan Face Wash is the perfect way to achieve that goal. With the #ShaadiWalaGlow rap, we hope to inspire our customers to embrace their unique paths and enjoy the benefits of a happy, healthy  glow without having to wait for marriage. We believe that this rap will resonate with our audience and  help them feel empowered and confident in their own skin.” .

Commenting on the campaign Shreya Agarwal, Head of FilterCopy, said, “Reaching out to over 50 million  millennials and Gen Z every week provides us with valuable insights that help us create branded content  which truly resonates with our audiences. This song is a product of one such insight - many have their ideal  wedding planned out in their heads, but don’t really want a ‘marriage’ yet - a perfect fit for Mamaearth’s  #ShaadiWalaGlowEveryday campaign. To make it more fun, we decided to turn around the trope of elders  always pushing you to get married in a musical reel, our recently launched format. As we expected, a  grandmother questioning whether you really want to get married or you’re just doing it for the “vibes”  and “glow” is garnering a lot of love and engagement from the audience! It’s always exciting to work with  collaborative brand partners who not only trust our content philosophy but are also open to  experimentation. This is already our fifth collaboration this year!” 

The rap song has a 30 second version as well which will be used across Meta Platforms to connect with  the relevant audience and encourage them to choose #ShaadiWalaGlow instead.  


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