Do Your Thng launches product integration campaign for DaMENSCH

Do Your Thng (DYT), a creator-first community platform, partnered with DaMENSCH, India’s premium innerwear and apparel brand, to launch a Product Integration Campaign. The objective of the campaign was to create a buzz in the market about DaMENSCH underwear via custom content.

 What set the campaign apart is the use of advocacy marketing. Unlike influencer marketing, where an influencer promotes a product because it has been given to them for free, advocacy marketing uses only authentic and existing product owners. The reason being the best advocates of a brand are those who already use it and are in love with it.

 Therefore, Do Your Thng opened the campaign brief to current DaMENSCH users. The collaboration was with male creators from genres of photography, fashion, lifestyle, and grooming. Each creator developed a unique content piece making sure it was relevant to their profile and audience - Static posts, Video Stories and Flat-Lays. The customized content was shared across social media verticals.


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All creators used personalised narratives for their captions spurred from their positive experience of DaMENSCH Melange Collection. This made the campaign more natural, resulting in organic content creation. Because the authenticity of the advocates came through to the followers, the campaign generated more engagement. Besides amplified brand and product visibility, the campaign brought about product sales through the unique coupon codes each creator was given by DaMENSCH. 

On partnering with DaMENSCH, Ankit Agarwal, Founder, Do Your Thng says, “There was a time when consumers gravitated towards celebrities. Then they began trusting influencers. Today they put their faith in brand advocates – people who already use a brand, and want to support it because they love it. So, for the DaMENSCH campaign, we opted for advocacy marketing, a better, more reliant and authentic form of influencer marketing to reach customers and drive more conversion.”

 It has become muscle memory for consumers to scroll past sponsored influencer posts, but customised content created by true brand advocates resonates with target audiences. This is why the DaMENSCH product integration campaign showed improved efficiency.

 By collaborating with creators from men’s fashion and lifestyle genres, DYT was able to tap relevant audiences in a good number.  The ongoing campaign started in September has reached upwards of 1.50 Lakh people with an eye-watering engagement rate of 11.72%. 

 “When I heard from the DYT team about a proposition where the influencers had to buy the product with their own money, I was sold there and then, because it brought about a trust factor which was otherwise missing in influencer collaborations. Moreover, I personally prefer advocacy marketing since every other person on Instagram has become has an influencer so it’s hard to differentiate what’s real and fake anymore. Kudos to the DYT team for solving a business objective of ours with a touch of realism”, says Mohit Ahuja, Brand Communication Manager, DaMensch.


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