Doceree launches first Text-Based Programmatic Ads in Rx drug mktg

Doceree Inc, the first global network of endemic platforms for programmatic marketing, launched on Wednesday first Text-based Programmatic Ads for Pharmaceutical brands with a view to making Rx drug marketing effective and efficient. 

The company is on a mission to accelerate digital adoption among Rx drug brands globally.  With the latest product release, Doceree is aiming to cut the high level of approvals required for making a digital campaign live and create an environment that is conducive for digital ways of working. This will help facilitate ease of approval and ease of optimization, resulting in better efficiency of digital campaigns. 

Rx drug brands are behind the curve in digital adoption compared to consumer brands which have gained significantly by implementing digital technologies. As Rx drug brands work under the ambit of stringent rules and regulations, they already remain guarded with digital marketing campaigns. On top of it, strict branding guidelines further delays the digital campaigns, making it tough for Rx drug brands to embrace the digital change. 

“Time frames are longer and there are multiple layers of approvals in Pharmaceuticals. It gets all the more complex in case a digital campaign of a brand consists of a visual. A lot of details is involved with regard to the brand’s colour scheme, placement of logo, zinc codes, fonts to be used, among others. Many resources are used as well in building those creatives. To accelerate the approval process in Pharma and fasten up the process of digital campaigns, we have launched yet another feature of Text-based Programmatic Ads that does away with the use of any visuals in campaigns. This shall result in faster implementations and quicker digital campaigns,” said Dr. Harshit Jain, Founder & CEO of Doceree. 

Prior to launching the new product feature, the company also took into account the fact that Physicians effectively consume scientific content that does not have any visuals.  

Prior to launching text-based programmatic ads, the company had launched programmatic display ads, AI-enabled dashboard to ensure transparency in doctor reach and results and recently introduced a feature of programmatic email. “This is in keeping with our brand promise of bringing effectiveness and efficiency in Rx drug marketing the world over.”    

Doceree provides the ability to precision target Physicians with its unique identity-resolution proprietary technology – Espyian. It targets over 1 million Physicians across the US and 300,000 in India. For more information, visit


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