DocsApp raises awareness about mental health

MediBuddy-DocsApp, India’s largest digital healthcare platform, has recently released a video as part of an audio-visual campaign to create awareness among people, around mental health.

As we know, mental health is a vital part of one’s well-being and the ongoing pandemic has exposed a large number of people to fear, stress and anxiety. It has significantly affected a person’s day-to-day productivity. Moreover, the challenges of working from home while handling additional responsibilities, the inability to socialize and the overall uncertainty of the future has added to people’s distress. The platform has witnessed a rise in the number of consultations for issues concerning psychology especially amongst individuals across the age group of 21-30 (working professionals).

The digital healthcare platform is aiming to address the issue at hand by providing a robust online counselling service, spreading awareness around this critical area through audio-visual and other mediums. Since the pandemic, the digital healthcare platform has also conducted multiple webinars on #BaatTohKaro-Importance of Communication, Sleep & Stress Management, etc. To throw light on the importance of mental health for employees, MediBuddy-DocsApp has come up with a new campaign.

“We have seen a significant increase in the number of individuals seeking consultations on our platform for issues like anxiety, panic, stress etc. With MediBuddy-DocsApp, we are trying our best to address all kinds of health problems, including issues related to mental health. With our new campaign, we primarily want to focus on working professionals and impart knowledge about mental wellness to employees as well as their employers. ” said Mr. Satish Kannan, Co-Founder and CEO, MediBuddy-DocsApp.

As mental health at work is a real concern, MediBuddy-DocsApp requests corporates to recognize and rise to the challenge of creating a stress-free workplace and encourage its employees to talk about their mental health and implement a “Stress-Day Off”. At MediBuddy-DocsApp, employees are encouraged to take a stress day off to enable them to take better care of their cognitive health. This small initiative by the platform can surely gain a large momentum, with the support and contribution of corporate organizations in educating as well as assisting their employees to nurture their mental health. Collective action in this direction will help address and de-stigmatize issues pertaining to one’s mental well-being.


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