‘Don’t let your teacher down’ – MTV says it out loud, this Teacher’s Day

Bizarre thoughts and irrational claims like these are very discouraging and a potent source of misinformation. There is no denying the fact that all of us, at some point in our lives have formulated opinions and counted on misleading stories.

Blame it on the sheer influence of social media or any other communication channel, manipulation of public opinion or sentiments has clouded the essence of authentic learning. Looking back at the good old days, while we realize the importance of learning right and understanding facts, we often forget to tick the verification boxes these days. And its high time we do that. This Teacher’s Day, MTV creatively reminds us to think twice before we talk/share, as every time one says something without thinking, s/he let their teachers down. The campaign also reminds us the importance of fact-checking over mere rhetoric. To further amplify this thought with GenZ, MTV has launched an Instagram filter called ‘Teacher’s Day Test’. One needs to answer a couple of questions and basis the answer that has been shared, the AR filter will tell you if you have lived up to your teacher's expectations or disappointed them.

Peppered with a powerful message and a unique comical undertone, MTV’s new brand film shows people saying weird and senseless things like “Khichdi world ki best dish hai. UNESCO ne bol diya”. These unchecked claims create a sense of discomfort and embarrassment for our beloved teachers, who’ve always taught us to believe only in verified facts. Contrary to their expectations, we now live in an era where information is easily manipulated to meaninglessly trend. But, now is the time to ask the right questions to effect a positive change.

This Teacher’s Day, MTV reminds us in the most innovative way, to not let our teacher’s down!


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