#DoneOnPeriod: Turning period shaming into a women empowerment movement

European Women Alliance, the Brussels-based NGO – one of the most active when it comes to women empowerment and European values, is launching #DoneOnPeriod manifesto-campaign in RomaniaThe campaign aims to combat the preconceived idea that, during their period, women are less able to physically and mentally carry out their projects.

Romania, which is currently holding the Presidency of the EU Council, is unfortunately a country where gender discrimination still persists. Women are most often perceived as being vulnerable and not at their peak performance during their period – and this is happening not only in Romania, but also in other Latin countries. The simple assumption that a woman is on her period is used as an insult. Moreover, in Romanian being on period is translated as being “pe stop”, on stop.

"Are you on your period or what?!" is a supposedly harmless question, which probably every Romanian woman has been asked at least once in her life, hides a truly offensive connotation. It was about time to put a stop to the prejudice of being on period. And the solution lies in what women are capable of. Women achieve important accomplishments that require effort, power and creativity, no matter the time of the month.

#DoneOnPeriod talks about all things that women do best, when some people think they are at their worst. 

Celebrities from entertainment, culture, sports and social media have already joined the campaign. Each of them tells of a successful moment, an achievement that took place in those days, inviting other women all over the country to share their own story with the world.

Click HERE to watch the manifesto film and also support our cause with your own achievement done on period, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter under the #doneonperiod.

You can view the film here:


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