Driving programmatic efficiencies – bringing AI, ML to the mix

EfficacyWW is a next generation full services marketing agency obsessed with the customer and the customer’s objective. Once the campaign goals are established, they execute a design thinking process across all campaigns to achieve high performance. They follow an omnichannel strategy based on analytical insights, conducting in-depth testing across multiple channels, and placing great emphasis on A / B testing to get the winning ad set. They take it a step further by collecting customer insights on the leads generated and evaluating quality to optimize cost per acquisition.

Hybrid.ai is a full-stack programmatic advertising ecosystem that is designed to effectively address all the challenges which may have agencies and brands that employ programmatic advertising.

The 6th edition of MOBEXX Summit and Awards 2022, Adgully’s premier event on the rapidly growing mobile ecosystem, brought together Gandharv Sachdeva, Country Head, Hybrid, and Vishnu Sharma, Founder & CEO, Efficacy Worldwide in a special fireside chat on ‘Driving programmatic efficiencies – bringing AI, ML to the mix’.

Commencing the discussion, Gandharv Sachdeva asked, “With over 20 years of experience in the communication business, how has Efficacy been driving efficiency for its clients and how platforms like Hybrid.ai are helping you to drive those efficiencies as well in the Programmatic business?”

Vishnu Sharma replied, “Efficacy is all about building efficiencies, and impactful advertising, so at the genesis of Efficacy, what efficiencies mean would be ROIs on various KPIs and parameters. That is at the core of what we bring to the table for our esteemed clients. And in our partnership with Hybrid.ai, it is not just about delivering lower CPMs or CPCs, but also about delivering lower down the funnel the various KPIs which might not be your direct KPIs or deliveries. Both the organisations work towards delighting our clients.”

Sachdeva then asked, “Your agency follows an omnichannel strategy based on analytical insights. How will a full-stack programmatic ecosystem, such as the one offered by Hybrid.AI, help Efficacy fortify its strategy and achieve scale?”

Sharma responded by saying, “We avoid calling ourselves an agency, we call ourselves a martech agency. So, any advertising campaign which comes to us is not about buying media, delivering eyeballs and out of it, when we are working they are working on an AI structure in which all the campaigns, inputs and outputs are analysed in a multivariate analysis mode. The clients now are very intelligent. Lots of start-ups we work with and lots of evolved clients have multiple parameters. They keep looking at the pre- and post-surveys. So, we try to model out the inputs in terms of the various media we are using: the publishers, the television channels, so on and so forth. And also the outputs. Now when you're doing this, it is stacked up and trying to derive some learnings for future campaigns. It is imperative for us, when we are using a DSP like Hybrid, to have the detailed parameters – What kind of audiences are we going after? What geographies are we delivering? What kind of conversions are happening? So, having a partner like Hybrid helps us in delivering our differentiated services to our clients.”

These are edited excerpts. For the complete conversation, please watch below:


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