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Earn by sharing your knowledge on Quora

The intrinsic drive to share knowledge is a powerful motivation, but not everyone can do it pro bono. Earning options on Quora unlock more knowledge than before. 

Quora wants to make sharing knowledge more financially sustainable for creators, which will in turn let them share more knowledge with the world. 

This is important to our mission, since even though many people are motivated and able to spend their time writing on Quora just to share their knowledge, many others could share much more with financial justification to do so. 

In August 2021, Quora launched a monetisation opportunity for creators that would help them make money from the content they create. The way content is created, distributed and monetised has radically changed and Quora wants to empower its users by helping them earn on the content they create.)

As a creator, you have two options to earn: 

Publishing posts/answers under Quora+: the creator can create subscriber-only content and earn money based on engagement (read time, etc) from their followers who are subscribed to Quora+. The earning mechanism is similar to Medium, but Quora takes less than Medium, and the earning potential is higher due a larger potential subscriber base.

Offering a Space subscription - Subscription Spaces provide a members-only experience that allows community to form.. The floor is $1/month, and the creator earns around 90% of their subscription fees. Subscribers get special benefits/privileges, for example, getting access to all of the content - both free and paid - in the space and discuss answers with the creator.

The subscription feature is live in 25 countries and will be extended to more in the near future.

Quora continues to develop features to make it the best writing experience anywhere, so come join the Quora creators community and help grow the world’s knowledge.

More details are available in a Quora blog post from Adam D'Angelo here.


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