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Ecom-Gaming ad volumes spike by 148 times on Radio in Oct’20 over Aug’20: TAM AdEx

In its latest report analysing ad volumes by category, TAM AdEx has turned its focus on the Ecom-Gaming category. As per the report, during October’20, the Ecom-Gaming category ad volumes for Radio, Print and Digital grew by 148 Times, 4.6 Times and 79%, respectively, compared to July’20 for Print & Digital and August’20 for Radio.

The Ecom-Gaming category registered an 11% growth in ad volumes on TV during September ’20 over July’20. During October’20 (till 28th Oct’20), Ecom- Gaming ads surged by nearly 80% on Digital, compared to July’20. On Radio, ad volumes for Ecom-Gaming spiked by 148 times during October’20 over August’20. In Print, 4.6 times growth in the Ecom-Gaming Category ad space was recorded during October’20, compared to July’20.

Among the Top 10, Paytm First Games was common between TV, Radio and Print during Jul-Oct’20. Also, Paytm First Games was the top new brand on both TV and Print mediums. 100% share of ad volumes on Print & Radio was added by total 8 & 7 advertisers, respectively, while the Top 10 advertisers added 98% share on TV and 79% on Digital.

Among the Top 10, Gameskraft Technologies was common between TV, Radio & Digital, while Sporta Technologies appeared on both TV and Digital during Jul-Oct’20.

With a share of 36%, News was the most preferred genre by advertisers of the Ecom-Gaming Category on TV. The Top 2 channel genres on TV together – News and Movies – added 56% share of ad volumes for the Ecom-Gaming Category during Jul-Oct’20. Meanwhile, the Top 2 program genres, that is, News Bulletin and Feature Films, together added more than 45% share of category ad volumes on TV.

Prime Time was the most preferred time-band in the category on TV, followed by Afternoon and Morning time-bands, with the three time bands together adding 67% share of category ad volumes.

Advertisers of Ecom-Gaming preferred 20-40 seconds ad size on TV, with 20-40 seconds and <20 seconds ads registering 81% and 16% share of ad volumes, respectively, during Jul-Oct’20.

In Print, the Top 2 publication languages added 81% share of ad space in Jul-Oct’20. The Top 5 publication languages together added 99% share of category ad space, while the general interest publication genre added 100% share of the category ad space.

Zone wise, North Zone topped with 42% share of Ecom-Gaming ad space in Print during Jul-Oct’20. Mumbai and Nagpur were the Top 2 cities in the West Zone and overall India.

Sales Promotions for the ‘Ecom-Gaming’ category added 99% share of ad space in Print medium. Among Sales Promotions, Contest Promotion occupied 99.6% share of the pie, followed by Add-On Promotion with 0.4% share during Jul-Oct’20. Paytm First Games had the highest promotional ad volumes in Ecom-Gaming Category, adding 99.6% share of Sales Promotion ad volumes during Jul-Oct’20 in Print, followed by Starting 11.

On Radio, Maharashtra topped the states with 22% share of the category’s ad volumes during Aug-Oct’20. Morning and Evening time-bands were the most preferred on Radio for Advertising by the Ecom-Gaming category, with 75% share of the ad volumes for the Morning and Evening time-bands during Aug-Oct’20.

Ad Network was the top transaction method for Digital advertising in the category, capturing 64% share of Ecom-Gaming ad insertions on Digital.


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