Education meets tech, Intel partners with Nukkad By Stage

Education meets tech, Intel partners with Nukkad By Stage
Education meets tech, Intel partners with Nukkad By Stage

AI plays a huge role in economic growth and innovation across the education sector. To encourage the development of AI skills Nukkad By Stage Join Hands with Intel for their campaign "Future Banao Wonderful". The collaboration is done across all the platforms of Nukkad and it has managed to attract just the right eyeballs.

Nukkad by Stage is a new age infotainment platform which believes that knowledge is empowerment. The more you learn, the more powerful you become. And What's more powerful than innovation and technology? Therefore, When Nukkad shook hands with Intel, the brand wanted to connect with parents and make them understand why Intel powered laptops should be the first choice for their kids. Target audience were the parents whose children are interested in AI or coding, and are studying in Class 8 or above. With regards to the parent's concern towards technology, Nukkad suggested that they should first make parents aware of the new technology, and how artificial Intelligence is a part of the new education model, what exactly it is all about and then explain to them the need and usage of the product.

The main aim behind the collaboration is to make parents understand the importance of AI skill development for their child's future.


Collaboration In A Nutshell

For this phase, Nukkad has collaborated with Intel for two videos, one long and one short format video in their two separate shows.

The long format video is done in Nukkad's women oriented show called 'Wonder Womaniya'. This show mainly covers issues related to women, education, parenting, health, and relationships and therefore, this show proved to be the perfect choice for reaching out to the parents. The video which was done for Intel under this show mainly speaks about New Education Techniques, importance of Artificial Intelligence and necessary gadgets that students must have to develop AI skills.

Whereas, Short video mainly focuses on technology and targets younger audiences. Therefore, it was done under Nukkad's editorial show 'Geeks N Games' which is hosted by their fictional character 'Sunny'. The show mainly focuses on tech and gaming related topics. The short video which is done under this particular show specifically speaks about the evolution of AI in India. Both the videos are focused on the campaign line "Future Banao Wonderful" with Intel PCs and it also encourages people to learn more about AI through Intel's AI programs like "AI for Youth" and "AI For All".


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