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Effective marketing: an anchor for a business in tough times

By Kapil Rana, Founder & Chairman, HostBooks Limited

Being declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, there is still a lot we don't know about the coronavirus outbreak. It is not only affecting the health of the general population, but it's also hurting the economy. Here, we will share some helpful tips for small businesses and marketers who are undergoing a dramatic change in their daily operations. Among internet users, there is a growing interest to get the latest information about coronavirus. Consequently, there has also been an increase in traffic for related products and topics.

In this moment of crisis, businesses are working remotely to provide uninterrupted service to their customers. We will explore steps that can help you to continue your business processes with as little issues as possible.

Adjusting your marketing strategy during the crisis

Google has made it easier for people about symptoms, prevention, and other information related to the coronavirus. It is also removing content on YouTube that spreads misinformation and claims to provide treatment in place of seeking medical attention. Both Google and Facebook are blocking ads that try to exploit and capitalize on the current situation.

However, as long as your ad copy is not claiming to provide a cure, prevent, or treat COVID-19, this will have minimal effect on your ad accounts. Even if these platform policies don't impact your account, the pandemic and the resulting changes on the market will. Let's explore measures that you can take to prepare and adjust your accounts to minimize such impact.

Examine the changes in ad reports

You need to stay updated on how the change in market and trends is affecting the performance of your paid search and paid social accounts, such as the change in the number of impressions & clicks, and total costs. You should look for drops in traffic in Google Analytics and Google Ads. It might reflect the market changes and help you make changes accordingly to meet your conversion targets. Also, monitor comments made on your social media profiles as people can spread misinformation by making comments and diver your potential customers.

Share information on time

If you want to maintain strong relationships with your customers, communicating effectively is important. You should proactively stay in touch with your current and potential customers via email and/or providing information on your website. For instance, if there is a change in business operations or store locations, you should communicate that to customers who may unknowingly contact you by relying on outdated information. You should also communicate any changes in your services or product offerings as soon as possible.

Tweak your strategy

Most companies have asked their employees to work from home, bringing changes to the work culture, and the travel arrangements. Furthermore, as governments around the world temporarily banned travel to certain places, especially where the infection is still spreading. The best thing that marketers can do is make their messages clear, concise, and accurate, calming anxious customers. Most importantly, make sure that you are not sharing incorrect information or advertising products that are no longer in stock. Small businesses should focus on spending their ad budget on products/services that naturally receive higher-quality traffic.

Impact on the travel industry

The travel and tourism industry has witnessed the most severe impact due to the coronavirus as international tourism has come to a standstill. On the contrary, there has been an increase in search traffic for cheap flights due to coronavirus. This means that although people can't travel right now, they are interested to make the bookings for the future, especially with flight costs being low. Hence, marketers should also devise a long-term strategy.

Summing it up

As COVID-19 affects the well-being of people around the world and the health of the economy, our primary goal should be keeping everyone safe. For small businesses and marketers, it is important to stay updated and continue to monitor the situation to make informed decisions. Online accounting software enables you to run your business effortlessly and get real-time insights into how your business is doing.


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