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Ekla Cholo Re- A initiative by SVF Brands & Tata Structura on Para Athletes

A rendition of Rabindranath Tagore’s Ekla Cholo Re is an initiative by SVF Brands powered by Tata Structura, where, through this unique content piece sung by Anupam Roy, the never-back-down and unbreakable spirit of para-athletes are celebrated. These para-athletes have succeeded in overcoming obstacles with their consistent efforts and have moved forward with their dreams, making India shine in front of the entire world. The music video is streaming now on the YouTube channel of SVF.

This is the first time National Award-winning music director, singer, lyricist Anupam Roy has lend his voice for a Rabindrasangeet and it couldn’t have been a better piece to start with! The launch date has consciously been chosen by SVF & Tata Structura teams, as it marks the death anniversary of celebrated writer, poet, music composer, playwright, painter Rabindranath Tagore (commonly known as “Baishe Srabon” in the Bengal region).There is a strange pull towards the tune of Ekla Cholo Re; in other words, Tagore has instilled upon us an indomitable spirit of bravery, through this song. SVF Brands and Tata Structura have joined hands for a mission - to reiterate the faith of being an individual and the need to move forward, overcoming every obstacle that one might meet in the pathway towards their goal(s).

The Ekla Cholo Re music video stars Indian para-athletes Ujjwal Ghosh, Saheb Hossein, Rubia Chatterjee, Ajibur Rahman Molla, Sufiya Molla and players from the Football Association for the Blind of Bengal (FABB).

  • Ujjwal Ghosh is a para-athlete from Pursurah near Arambagh. He is an accomplished sportsperson, having won several medals at the National level, in the fields of water polo, javelin throw, high jump and long-distance cycling. He is also a trained Disaster Relief volunteer.

  • Saheb Hossein is a partially blind sprinter from Bhatpara in the North 24 Parganas district. He is a recognised 100m & 200m sprinter with 5 gold medals at the National level and has also played at International sporting events.

  • Rubia Chatterjee loved playing sports since her childhood days, despite her disability. Today she is an accomplished para-athlete who has been recognised by the International Paralympic Committee. She is accomplished in the fields of javelin throw; discuss throw as well as the shot put. She has 9 gold medals at the National level and has also represented India at the 5th China Open Athletics Championship.

  • Ajibur Rahman Molla is national level swimmer who has more than 30 gold medals to his name. Overcoming all obstacles that came his way due to his disabilities, Ajibur is an inspiration to many because of his outstanding commitment to the sport. He has been swimming since 2007 when he was just 13.

  • Sufiya Molla is a paralympic swimmer from College Street in Kolkata. She has been swimming since 2007 when she was merely 7 years old. Today, she has more than 25 gold medals at the National level. Briefly she has also played Volleyball and her team won the Gold medal at the National Championship as well.

  • Football Association for the Blind of Bengal (FABB) is a body affiliated to the Indian Blind Football Federation (IBFF) which works mainly for the development of blind footballers from Bengal. Mr Goutam Dey, Mr Anthony Samuel, Mr Palash Nandi, Mr Rajkumar Bhagat, Mr Joydeep kindo, Mr Sourav Sau are the players from FABB who have represented the Indian National Blind Football team in various tournaments internationally.

Chiming this tune and hustling through life, the video showcases strength and determination to fight such unprecedented times. SVF Brands and Tata Structura wanted to beautifully incorporate their key message through the song - they are here to stand beside the dreams of the para-athletes so as to protect what they love; also, an approach that both brands resonate.

Anupam Roy who rendered his voice said, “This song is an anthem of self-belief! We have grown up listening to this tune since our childhood days. I am happy to venture into Rabindrasangeet through such a powerful song. This is a potent gesture from SVF Brands and Tata Structura who are constantly ingraining the spirit of inner strength and I am excited to be associated with this piece.”

Arindam Biswas, Head - SVF Brands said, “This is a triumphant collaboration between SVF Brands and Tata Structura, where not only is this Tata Structura’s first song collaboration but also, a memorable combination of artistes, sportspeople and team involved to churn out the right content. We want to consciously spread the idea of self-reliance highlighting the prowess of these para-athletes, who move ahead with their head held high through all odds. We wanted to highlight their stories. Also, we, at SVF Brands, are excited to bring forward more such interesting branded-content with Tata Steel group.”

Praveen Shrivastava, Chief of Marketing & Sales, Tubes, Tata Steel added, “We believe in supporting dreams and encouraging people to protect what they love. It has been a great journey to collaborate with SVF Brands in supporting and being part of the song ‘Ekla Cholo Re’. This song brings forward the message and ethos of what Tata Structura believes in as a brand. Present times and present situations call for us to stand beside and support our para-athlete friends so we, at Tata Structura, will help them achieve their dreams. Rabindranath Tagore’s Ekla Cholo Re, sung by Anupam Roy and produced by SVF is the kind of content that I am sure will be loved and appreciated by all. We look forward to more such collaborations with SVF Brands to bring forward stronger messages in these trying times.”


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