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Election campaigns that caught our attention

India, the largest democracy in the world is in full swing for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. This very popular ‘democratic festival’ is happening in 43 constituencies across 29 states and 7 Union Territories from April 11 to May 19, in seven phases. With over 900 million voters, the number of people involved in the entire process is undoubtedly gigantic. This enormous involvement of the whole nation does create a launchpad for the marketing world to come up with some ground-breaking campaigns, encouraging people to do their share of being a responsible citizen and cast their vote.


Samsonite is one of the leading luggage manufacturer and retailer across the world, with products ranging from large suitcases to small toiletry bags. Last week, Samsonite posted a less than a 2-minute video that talks about the various reasons that make us want to travel back home - be it missing the company of family and friends, love for home-cooked food, etc. At the end of the video, it asks the viewers to travel home this time for a different reason - to show your love for the nation. For this year’s election, Samsonite is asking the viewers to take #EkDinKiChutti (a one day leave) to travel to their hometown and cast their vote. In less than a week, the YouTube video has garnered more than 2 million views and 500+ likes. The video has got an emotional touch yet delivers a strong message on the importance of voting.


Flipkart is one of the biggest e-commerce giants in India that has spread its wings across various departments, ranging from books to electronic goods. The brand has always proved to be a mastermind when it comes to launching viral marketing campaigns.

Flipkart came up with a 90 seconds video, #EqualsDay where they ask everyone to change the way we celebrate elections -  by just being equal. In just 4 days of being published online, the video has 3M+ views on YouTube. The crux of the video highlights the fact that we are all equal despite the fact that we may have a difference in opinions and our political beliefs.


Humain Diagnostics is India’s first AI-powered lab chain that aims to revolutionise medical diagnostics with cutting-edge technology and leading medical expertise. With the use of their digital scanner, Ai-100, the lab can digitise any kind of biological samples to generate accurate and comprehensive reports on their cloud platform. Humain Diagnostics has three labs or as they call it “Customer Experience Centres” as of now in Bangalore and are expanding exponentially to capture the pathology industry by transforming the diagnostic experience with AI and their customer-centric processes. In their #MarkOfHealth campaign, the brand is offering a free Haemoglobin test to everyone in Bangalore who casts their vote The main idea behind the campaign is that people (who have voted) have taken their step towards a healthier nation and for them, Humain Diagnostics is doing their part to bring them a step closer to good health.

Ab Watan Dabayega Button

Red FM is an Indian owned FM station headquartered at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Ab Watan Dabayega Button is a campaign based on a real story and real people, showcasing the tragic situation of Dalelpur, a village of Noida - castaway from basic amenities like proper roads, electricity, etc. Years of failed promises from various leaders had made the villagers come up with the decision to boycott voting this year. However, Red FM’s campaign Ab Watan Dabayega Button was to make these people realize the importance of voting. The campaign was a success as the majority of villagers did cast their vote with the help of the Red FM team. The digital results of the campaign stand at 26K+ video views and 150+ shares at present.

Which campaign do you think was the best out of these? Feel free to get in touch with us for your comments/suggestions.

Summary - With over 900M voters, the number of people involved in the 2019 elections is certainly huge creating a launchpad for the marketing world to come up with ground-breaking campaigns, encouraging people to do their share of being a responsible citizen


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