Engaging Presence across Social Media Platforms with Content Diversification

Authored by Prashant Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, NOFILTR

The world of advertisements is fascinating. Marketing professionals beat the bushes to create something unique, well planned, convey the exact brand message and cater to a unique target audience so that the brand can benefit the most out of advertisements. Over the years, several advertising platforms have emerged and many others have lost in the shadows of the new ones. So far, humans have advertised everywhere – earth, air and water; from print to billboards to radio to television to the internet and now, social media platforms.

Growing Significance of Social Media Platforms

Since its emergence, social media platforms have had an edge over other advertising platforms. No other medium has come so close to marketing products directly to its target audience than social media. According to Digital 2020 Global Overview Report, over 4.5 billion people now use the internet out of which 3.8 billion have a presence on social media which means over 60 percent of the world’s population is already online.

Today, when advertising has become personalised, brands are extremely meticulous while designing their marketing strategy. For every single product in the world, there is a content creator that fits its marketing requirements. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? However, it is not so easy for brands to identify these creators because even when their target audience remains the same, netizens are getting younger by the hour. In such times, it has become more important than ever for creators to keep themselves relevant for their existing audience and also, for the new entrants. But, how can a content creator stay relevant? The most optimal strategy is 'Content Diversification’.

Need for Content Diversification

According to Ambassador, 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a product to others if they have a positive experience with it on social media.

Social media is a multi-faceted and highly engaging medium for communication. However, the results it delivers are dependent on how you leverage its benefits. Content diversification can help a brand mitigate the risk by distributing marketing activities across mediums. As trends are ever evolving, a channel which is in demand today may become obsolete tomorrow. Content promotion on different channels can help you protect yourself. Additionally, content recycling is an important part of content diversification. It is an easy, cheap and effective way of marketing to your customers. It is majorly about reusing your existing content pieces in different formats to reach more customers. Among other benefits, content diversification helps you to reach new target markets which is imperative to build an effective marketing strategy as different groups of customers prefer different writing styles, content types and publishing mediums.

You can diversify your content in several ways - transforming blogs into videos, formatting content, quote original data with source and presence on different social media channels, among many others.


Smart Approach for Diversified Audience

Google uses a “blended search” approach in which their search results not only display websites but also images, videos, news, maps and tweets. Therefore, the more steady, engaging and diverse content you put out there, more are the chances of people reaching out to you when they search for things related to your business online.

Remember! People easily get bored. The most crucial part of a marketer's job is to keep them engaged. A huge volume of information and content is available to consumers and anything monotonous or not so unique is easily forgotten. Even Facebook filters posts that it thinks are boring. It uses algorithms to predict user engagement and chooses what shows up on the Newsfeed.

Summing It All Up

“Good content should be interesting, challenging, entertaining and worthwhile. Otherwise, the producer (writer) has wasted his or her time.” - Neil Patel

Not every customer absorbs content the same way. While some of them may enjoy reading blog posts because of the ability to skim for key information, others are more visual or prefer audio and podcasts. To increase engagement and reach the target audience, it is always better to put your content into multiple formats and syndicate it.


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