“Entrepreneurship is not just about starting a biz, you see the world in a different way”

Adgully has been turning the spotlight on the entrepreneurs who fought against all odds to bring their dreams to fruition in our special series – START-UP STARS. We at Adgully wholeheartedly support the ‘Vocal for Local’ movement and have been featuring numerous local/ homegrown businesses, brands, and Apps in the country launched in the last few years.

Good Flippin’ Burgers was launched in 2019 in Mumbai. The burger brand currently has a total of 21 outlets across Mumbai and Delhi with a headcount of more than 250 employees. With 14 stores across Mumbai, the brand has made inroads in Delhi earlier in 2022 with 7 new outlets.

In 2022-2023, the brand aims to expand geographically in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore with multi-formats that include Cloud, Dine-in, Hybrid, Malls, and Airports. The brand has been building for scale from day one. The current menu includes 13 burgers, 11 sides and 2 hotdogs for vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and vegans alike. Good Flippin’ Burgers has also expanded its offerings by launching a range of signature coffees to its beverage menu under Good Flippin’ Brew. The brand also announced a fresh round of funding amounting to $1 million in April 2022.

In conversation with Adgully, Viren D’Silva, Sid Marchant and  Sijo Mathew, co-founders of Good Flippin’, share their insight on how was the journey of Good Flippin and the core business proposition.

Please take us through your journey as an entrepreneurs. What motivated you to establish Good Flippin’?

My business partners and I were always on the lookout for new opportunities to create something of our own. We had a passion for food and a desire to create a fast-casual burgers brand that was truly homegrown and something India and we could be proud of.

What was the need of Good Flippin’ via a consumer's perspective? What is the core business proposition?

The idea for Good Flippin’ Burgers came about when we realised that there was a gap in the market for a mass premium burger chain that was of high quality and served deliciously fresh juicy burgers in a neighbourhood near you. This is done in less than 30 minutes if you’re home and 10 minutes if you come to visit us in our dine-in stores – this is our core business proposition.

What are your key learnings so far? How do you see Good Flippin’ progressing in 2023?

So far, the key learnings from Good Flippin’ Burgers have been the importance of maintaining high standards of quality in both our ingredients and customer service. We have learned the value of creating a strong brand and community through consistent marketing and engagement with our patrons. Looking towards 2023, we see Good Flippin’ Burgers continuing to expand into new geographies as a key component of our growth strategy. This expansion will require careful management of our supply chain to ensure we can consistently deliver the same high-quality products to our customers no matter where they are located. Additionally, we will need to focus on building and maintaining strong relationships with new partners and suppliers. Overall, our goal will be to continue to provide the same exceptional experience for our patrons while also growing our reach and impact.

How is digital helping you further your business?

Digital technology is playing a significant role in helping Good Flippin’ Burgers' business to further expand and reach a wider audience. The company has implemented digital tools such as online ordering and delivery services, which have made it easier for customers to access their products. Additionally, the company has a strong social media presence, which has helped them to build brand awareness and increase customer engagement. The use of digital marketing techniques has also helped the company target specific demographics, resulting in an increase in sales. Overall, the incorporation of digital technology has helped Good Flippin’ Burgers to improve our operations, reach new customers, and ultimately grow our business.

How did you identify your TG? Did you carry out any feasibility study prior to starting your business?

We identified the TG of Good Flippin’ through market research and analysis. We looked at the demographics of potential customers, their needs and preferences, and the current market trends in the industry. We also conducted surveys and focus groups to gather feedback and insights from potential customers. Prior to starting the business, we also conducted a feasibility study to assess the potential success and profitability of the business idea. This included analysing the market size and competition, identifying potential challenges and risks, and determining the resources and capital needed to launch and sustain the business. Ultimately, we trusted our gut instinct that India was ready for a different burger experience.

What were the challenges that you faced in your start-up journey and how did you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges we faced in our start-up journey was convincing our team members to leave their corporate careers and take a pay cut to join our start-up. It was difficult to convince them to take the risk and leave the stability of their current jobs, but we were able to overcome this by highlighting the potential growth and opportunity for them within our company. Another challenge we faced was convincing early investors to believe in our company and invest in it. We had to work hard to build a solid business plan and pitch deck that clearly outlined our vision and goals. We also had to prove that we had a solid team in place and a clear strategy for growth. Finally, convincing vendors to work with us was also a challenge. Many were hesitant to work with a small start-up, but we were able to overcome this by highlighting our potential for growth and promising them that if they worked with us now, they would be in a prime position to take advantage of our growth when we got bigger. By being persistent and continuing to communicate our vision, we were able to secure partnerships with key vendors that have been critical to our success.

What would be your message for budding entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is not just about starting a business, it is about seeing the world in a different way and having the courage to believe in your vision. It is about recognising opportunities where others see only obstacles, and having the determination to make your ideas a reality. One of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship is being able to see what others can't. This means looking beyond the current trends and market conditions to identify new and untapped opportunities. It means being able to think creatively and come up with new and innovative solutions to problems that others have not been able to solve. But seeing what others can’t is not enough. You also need to believe in what others don’t. This means having the confidence and conviction to pursue your ideas even when others doubt you or tell you it can't be done. It means being willing to take risks and put your own money and time into your vision, even when others are not willing to do the same. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, but it is incredibly rewarding. It requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to take risks. But if you have the courage to see what others can’t and believe in what others don’t, you have the potential to achieve great things. So, don’t be afraid to chase your dreams and make your vision a reality.

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