ET Medialabs has ambitious plans for the Singapore market: Raghav Kansal

ET Medialabs, a leading growth advertising & analytics company, recently announced their global expansion with foray in the Singapore region. With this development, ET Medialabs has set a new milestone of becoming the first Indian homegrown growth agency to have an international accessibility as well as physical presence.

Founded in 2013, ETMediaLabs is one of the few companies in India that has the capabilities to work on Facebook and Google APIs, which gives a significant advantage while managing large-scale performance marketing projects.

The proprietor tools EasyInsights provide access to 50+ integrated reports on campaign ROI, sales reports, user funnel reports, etc., while Adbytzz gives the capability to automate media buying, reporting & business intelligence and thus enabling to execute large scale campaigns with precision and efficiency.

In conversation with Adgully, Raghav Kansal, Founder and CEO, ET MediaLabs, speaks at length about the company’s foray into the Singapore market, the growth journey of ET Medialabs – from a bootstrapped start-up to being the first homegrown growth advertising agency to announce an international presence, and more.

What are the current content consumption trends that you see in the market?

In recent times, there has been a big shift in terms of how today’s buyer is consuming content – from spending dedicated hours sitting in front of the TV to now engaging with media and content on their phones at their convenience. Most of this content consumption happens online – majorly on social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Brands across the world have recognised this shift and want to ensure that they reach out to their Target Audience on each platform.

How was your journey been and how does it feel to become the first homegrown agency to have international accessibility?

We had started ET Medialabs with a small team of 4 people, out of a makeshift office in Delhi’s Saket. Since then, we have grown from member to member, team to team, and today we proudly boast of a company strength of 200+. With 300+ Partner Brands, consisting of some of India’s most popular Unicorns and Hyper-growth start-ups like Lenskart, Licious, Urban Company, Forest Essentials, Kapiva, etc. We have now arrived to make a mark in Singapore. Being the first homegrown growth advertising agency to announce an international presence is a moment of immense pride for us and through the Singapore entry, we intend to strengthen customer success and delivery in the APAC region. ET Medialabs has ambitious plans for the Singapore market, and our team is confident that we can add more momentum to brands and companies looking to build traction through the medium of performance and growth marketing.

What are the challenges and opportunities that you have seen throughout your journey?

The digital world is dynamic, ever-changing, and ever-evolving. The ever-changing nature of this industry brings with it many opportunities as well as challenges. Over these last 10 years, we have faced multiple challenges and overcome all of them with the utmost vigor. As a bootstrapped business started by a group of freshers straight out of college, it was initially difficult for clients to bet on us. Oftentimes, the clients used to be extremely impressed with our pitch and depth in research, but were still hesitant to take a chance on us due to our young age, and lack of experience. However, we persevered and continued to put in the work. Our strong networking, research-backed and result-oriented approach soon started getting us some of India's biggest hyper-growth start-ups.

Building a bootstrapped business from scratch meant building a rock-solid, strong foundation with a hands-on approach to each and every task. However, this approach started to feel limiting once we had started scaling. Hence, we decided to turn towards technology instead. Thus, by combining Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence, we built two robust in-house proprietary tools to fuel all our solutions. This enabled us to launch full-scale growth efforts for ET Medialabs and take it to the level that it is at today. We started streamlining and building more processes to strengthen our offerings and eventually started being very selective about the clients that we were onboarding to maintain the desired quality of work.

Just like the challenges, the opportunities have also been plenty. Being in a dynamic industry means that there is no end to growth and expansion, there is always either a new technological advancement or a new platform to reach out to your customers on. This ensures that there's never a dull day at work and there are multiple avenues to explore and master. Now with our expansion to Singapore, we can’t wait to see what other opportunities lay in our path.

What is the growth or success mantra that you follow?

We always approach our clients as their ‘Growth Partner’ and approach their goals as our own. This helps us look at the larger picture and deliver holistic, sustainable growth to them.

What are your upcoming projects?

We continuously work towards innovating our advertising and analytics stack and making it more technologically advanced. Parallelly, we are also building a tech stack around first-party data collection and making it actionable, partnering with MMPs to offer seamless integrations to app clients, and building plug-and-play data models to drive growth insights for our clients.

What are your future goals to set a mark in the APAC region?

After delivering success to leading brands in India and building a strong brand in India, we are now aiming for global expansion. SEA has been chosen as the first region to expand to, primarily because of its addressable market size and proximity to India. We are starting with an investment of $250,000 towards this expansion and will be leaving no stone unturned in announcing our presence – which will be done mostly through PR activities, paid ads, and the power of social media. However, this figure would significantly increase over the course of the year once we start receiving a response from the SEA region.


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