Even after deleting film, Tanishq’s Ekatvam ad leaves social media opinions polarised

Jewellery brand Tanishq’s latest ad film has sparked a furious debate on social media, which is now being joined by the likes of celebrities like Richa Chadda and Kangana Ranaut. On the face of it, the ad is a lovely film that depicts religious harmony, ringing thematically of ‘oneness’ or ‘Ekatvam’.

But an insidious article and wave of opinionated criticism on the ad on social media has spooked the powerful brand to pull back the ad in a panic. Until now, no official statement has been released by Tanishq clarifying why they took down the film from their social handles.

Update: Tanishq has issued a statement.

Tanishq spokesperson said, "The idea behind the Ekatvam campaign is to celebrate the coming together of people from different walks of life, local communities and families during these challenging times and celebrate the beauty of oneness. This film has stimulated divergent and severe reactions, contrary to its very objective.

We are deeply saddened with the inadvertent stirring of emotions and withdraw this film keeping in mind the hurt sentiments and well being of our employees, partners and store staff."

In the past, Tanishq has tackled powerful themes of societal injustice in their ad campaigns and has stood by these campaigns despite backlash in the echo chamber of social media. Even as several real or perhaps fake users came forth to debase the advertisement, several Twitter verified handles also championed the film, called attention to it, and lamented that Tanishq had capitulated so easily.

Concerted efforts of social media bullying have become all the more common in the digital sphere, with every new instance of #Ban_InsertBrandName becoming a clarion call for the digital mob. Whatever bold and ambitious creativity ad agencies have to show is being stomped under a wave of illogical criticism. Even those who would find an ad distasteful would not call for such a severe action such as a ban.

It begs to question, why the ad attracted so much attention before an official press note was even shared with trade media along with a statement from a Tanishq spokesperson. The nuanced debate around the ideation and conception of the ad was killed before it even began.


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