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Evolution of marketing taking online gaming brands to the next level

Authored by Anuj Barasia, Vice President Marketing of Spartan Poker.

Over the past three decades, the evolution of marketing has given a new dimension to the concept of business development. If we dive deep into the past, we will notice that marketing exists since ancient times. Back in the old days when India and China used to try and sway buyers with their communication skills. Fundamentally, for marketers, the idea was to simply look for an opportunity where they could reach out to a larger set of audience. 

With the course of changing times, the techniques, mediums, and consumer behavior have directly impacted the way brands approach any marketing tools these days. Earlier, print marketing was one of the main mediums to convey a message to the consumers, however, in the recent times, marketing, complemented with technology, has evolved dynamically and has been keeping up with it ever since.

Nowadays, emails, SMS, blogs, articles, television, company websites, social media, and digital marketing have become primary marketing communication platforms. With these mediums, the old process has transformed into dynamic marketing where you can share any information with just a click and can directly engage with consumers. These areas of marketing have been altered by digital tools such as – speed, relevance, and reach. In addition, the easy accessibility and affordability of technology, internet data, smartphones drastically changed the way we consume information around us.

In the gaming space, as internet capabilities have augmented, and computer processor technology has progressively enhanced at such a fast rate, the mobile gaming has outpaced the previous generation games, graphics, and consoles. Therefore, with the advancement of technology, both the marketing and gaming sector have amplified over the past few decades and can impact the ability to foresee how they can set the stage for future.

Hence, it is essential for gaming companies to adopt the latest technology to stay ahead in the competition. The mass adoption of the smartphones and internet into everyday life has also expanded the scope of mobile gaming space. Remarkably, mobile games contribute 51% of the entire global revenue from the gaming industry. This is a massive, readily engaged audience for marketers to target. Certainly, a great opportunity for marketers to build brand awareness by pairing up effective marketing tools such as a brand evangelist, gaming influencers, handset collaboration, or whatever is relevant to the brand.

Gone are the days when gaming companies tapped only young males, now the demographics of gaming enthusiasts have also changed. Today, around 45% of gamers are females. The paradigm shift in demographics has been observed with the increased usage of mobile phones. In fact, the most devoted mobile gamers are middle-aged women.

Moreover, video marketing is a booming space and goes well together with the growth of the gaming industry. Video content receives better engagement and influences more consumers. Audiences prefer to watch and learn a skill as they find it more effective. There are gaming influencers who make interesting video content and engaging audiences by giving gaming tips, helping discover new insights, and making you fall deeper in love with the greatest obsession. Considering this as one of the most effective marketing tools, marketers should opt to partner with influencers with the same values. It helps the brand to establish trust with the existing and potential consumers, and gain an illustrious reputation that people gravitate towards. As long as marketers are consistently investing time to create more engaging content and providing offers to the consumers, the brand will sell itself and build loyalty among customers.


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