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Tanishq, India’s largest and most preferred jeweler, known for impeccable quality, design intricacy, compelling campaigns and superior retail experience for over 19 years now has taken its communication a step further. With an aim to highlight the brand’s matchless offerings, Tanishq has launched a series of commercial films featuring its retail sales officers.

A unique story telling approach is used in the commercials, which is very different from anything the brand has done in the past. Each film open with a Tanishq retail sales officer from different parts of the country (Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and Jaipur are featured) who narrate unique experiences they’ve had with Tanishq customers. These real stories brings alive the brand’s commitment towards great value and purity along with complete transparency. From introducing the state-of-the-art karat meter at every single Tanishq store which guarantees the most accurate way of measuring the purity of gold, to providing 100% exchange value for diamonds and other precious stones, Tanishq ensures that its customers are never disappointed.

To get a deeper understanding about the unique story telling approach used by Tanishq, we at Adgully caught up with Deepika Tewari, General Manager, Marketing, Jewelry Division, Titan Company Limited.


With this campaign, we wanted to highlight Tanishq’s matchless offerings for our customers. Each film opens with a Tanishq retail sales officer who narrates unique experiences they’ve had with Tanishq customers. These real stories bring alive the brand’s commitment towards great value and purity along with complete transparency. Tanishq is a very emotional brand and we always build a strong relationship with everyone who is associated with us. With this campaign, we are happy to showcase our relationships with our customers.


In this campaign, we have used a unique story telling approach in the commercials, it carries the same vein of relationship stories that we have done in the past. At Tanishq, we believe that our jewelry is about a promise of beautiful relationships. Our campaigns explore the beauty of relationships between a husband and wife, brother and sister, mother and son, father and son. With the new campaign, we are now taking a step further to present another facet of our relationship - the one that our employees at the stores share with our customers.

The Tanishq Experience

Tanishq has been selling honesty, purity and transparency to millions of customers in India for the past 17 years. We felt that now is a good time to take it a step further and present another facet of our relationship that our employees share with our customers. The essence of this campaign is not purely functional; it shows you the beauty of the relationships.

Additionally, the messaging that this campaign puts forward is unique in its own sense. The commercials are telling you that at a Tanishq store RSO(Retail Sales Officer) can also buy a Tanishq product because the making charges begins at only 8%. Very small things like a lady who has had a bad experience in the category of gold, is now continuously buying gold at a Tanishq store because we have Karat meter. We wanted to share the real experiences our customers have had with our karat meter – it’s a real moment of truth that makes him a Tanishq fan forever.

Customer Relationships is the key

Consumer’s relationships with brands are not all that different than relationships with people. The relationship between a brand and consumers brings in positive outcomes for both. Hence, it is very important for brands to maintain relationships.

At Tanishq, relationships are very significant and are always cherished. Relationships help us understand our customers better and strengthen the bond and the trust factor.  All our customers and employees have made this relationship with Tanishq which is permanent and made our customers fans of Tanishq forever

Employees are Brand Ambassadors

A brand is successful because of its employees. Our store employees and customers share a tremendous relationship. If you speak to any Tanishq store employee, they have a beautiful story to narrate about the experience they have had with the customers.

Media Mix

Like all our campaigns, we are using a 360 media plan for this campaign as well.

Brief to Lowe

The organized jewelry market has undergone a huge change in recent times. The consumer’s expectations have evolved and now they wish to be more educated and informed about what they are buying. As a category leader, we wanted to ensure that we not only provide our customers with the best but also educate them about the same.

Response so far

We have received a very positive response for this campaign.

Plans Ahead

We wish to continue to provide our customers with best in class jewelry and finest designs. Also, educate them while celebrating relationships. As a leading jewelry brand in the country, we would like to strengthen the faith and trust our customers have in us. By Archit Ambekar | Twitter: @aambarchit


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