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Exclusive | Being a silent agency is not good: Eggfirst's Ravikant Banka

Eggfirst, an ad agency that offers end-to-end creative solutions for various business challenges. Passionate about creating and fostering brands, it takes full custody of the brand, with a simple purpose to 'Create brands that people will love, remember, and buy'. Through a combination of research, strategy, creativity and technology, they help in discovering the potential of the brand and unleash it.

Quite apt in the digital era as well, Eggfirst has a dedicated wing that applies digital wizardry to not just bring a brand alive on the web but to also make its presence felt, roping in visibility, building conversations among your consumers and finally, reserving a ticket for your brand in the digital space.

Adgully caught up with Ravikant (Ravi) Banka, CEO of Eggfirst to talk more about the silent but active agency. By the way Ravi is an MBA (JBIMS) and an Engineer (VJTI) by qualification and is also the founder of Eggfirst.

It seems that the agency has always had an image of a silent agency. Expressing his views on it, Ravikant said, “Yes but we never remained on the silent side intentionally, it just happened. We wanted to focus towards our clients more than on ourselves. But now over the time we have realized the fact that being silent was not a good and we should expand our wings.”

In addition to valuable experience in advertising across industries, the agency has some reputable retail brands in their kitty. Through their specialized retail wing, Eggfirst Mandi, the agency capitalizes on their niche expertise in the retail domain in a fantastic way, which is why even in an intensely competitive environment they are quite known in retail industry. “What made us grow was our thought and passion of offering intensive value to our clients,” he adds.

Ravikant believes in putting years of experience and expertise to use thus, developing a unique and an insightful strategy towards successfully attaining your marketing objectives. He says, “My on-ground marketing and research experience helped a lot when it came to planning or adopting certain strategies for Eggfirst. So it all starts with providing a strategic direction for your objectives.”

When asked, where the agency, Eggfirst, would be positioned in the domain they are in, he very frankly said that right now they are in the perfect position of catering to both mid-sized and larger brands. He says, “We provide mid-sized brands with passionate intensity and at the same time we deliver right expertise and intellect to the larger brands.”

According to him, converting the client’s message into a useful and delivering one is very important and he believes that this is the whole and sole responsibility of an advertising agency. He says, “Every client gets special attention always with all his needs and demands being catered superbly well.” 

Well! The agency strongly claims that they offer a ‘seven course meal’ starting from Research, Branding Strategy, Creative Strategy, Creative Rendition, Media Planning, Media Buying to final course of the meal being The Launch and with all this creative, direct, humorous, emotional etc added as flavors of the client’s choice. Remaining on the silent side, if I may say, the agency has many big clients in its kitty like TATA, Knorr, Oberoi Mall and reliance digital to name a few.  | By Aanchal Kohli []   


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