Exclusive | Creating waves with MTV Rush: Aditya Swamy

MTV recently launched its new show Vodafone MTV Rush which is 13 part movie – series and deals with the events that take place at a college festival. The story revolves around 12 characters and the one common string that binds them- a college festival. The film will roll out in 13 episodes and every episode will focus on one character.
MTV Rush is all set to bring about a revolution in Indian television as it gives the audiences a peek into the lives of different characters and explores different personalities. It is interesting to note that MTV Rush has been shot in HD and Dolby surround sound.
Adgully caught up with Aditya Swamy – EVP and Business Head, MTV India ; as he talks about the novelty of MTV Rush and about MTV’s future projects.
Aditya said, “MTV Rush has been positioned as a 13 part film. The way the series is shot and scripted gives the audiences a cinematic experience on the small screen.”
Divulging further details, Aditya exclaims, “Rush is a show that the youth can relate to.  It reflects every youngster’s highpoint in their lives. Being a part of a college festival, going to a rock concert are some of the things that the youth can identify with. It would form a deep connect with the youth as they can actually identify with what is happening.”
“With Rush, we do not intend to give a message. It is purely entertainment that we provide. Although the show strongly recognizes the fact that youth entertainment differs from what is generally considered entertainment,” said Aditya.
Talking about the gap that the youth entertainment genre needs to address ; he says, “Today, there are a lot of talent based shows and reality shows on Indian television. But amongst these, high quality story telling is missing. That’s what we have aimed at creating with MTV Rush.”
 “Today, films like Vicky Donor and Dev D are cult films which have been received extremely well by the youth.  We no longer need to look abroad for cult films. We have cult films in our own backyard. The meaning of youth entertainment is changing rapidly, ”asserts Aditya.
MTV’s popular show Sound Trippin rediscovered music beyond genres and was a one of its kind shows on Indian television. Aditya said, “With Sound Trippin, we addressed the fact that independent music is a huge part of youth entertainment. Intense storytelling like Rush is another interesting facet of youth entertainment. Comedy also forms a significant part of the entertainment needs of youngsters. Thus, we have tackled most of what would constitute youth entertainment.”
He states that MTV also looks forward to exploring other genres that are meaningful and occupy an important place in the life of the youth.
“There is so much clutter that reaching across to the youth has become difficult . Recognition is important and today, the ways to reach youth are varied,” says Aditya.
Providing insight into the marketing initiatives, he said, “We have a network through which we would promote Rush. MTV also has a strong social and digital footprint . An edgy outdoor creative which creates curiosity has also been employed. Since, music forms an integral part of the show, radio integrations will also be undertaken.”
He believes that the most pertinent challenge from the marketing perspective is to create sampling. He adds, “Repeat telecasts of MTV Rush have been scheduled all over the day.  We will also run 6-7 short sneak peaks to engage audiences further and to inform them about the show. Trailers will also be released on MTV’s website , YouTube and other social networking websites . Thus, all possible mediums have been tapped effectively.”
On a parting note, Aditya said, “We are not a GEC. TRPs don’t drive us. We are driven by quality ; not quantity. Quality content is what we believe in producing and we have always dished out the same.”

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