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Recently, Godrej has partnered with Pogo channel for a brand initiative through which it aims to reach out to the children as well as the parents. Apart from engaging two target groups, the basic objective of this activity is to communicate and spread awareness about the various products and innovations through which Godrej has made the country proud.

As part of this initiative, Godrej will put across facts as information about its products and innovation and will ask the audiences (i.e. children) of Pogo questions based on the facts.

The children can submit their answers by calling on Godrej hotline number. Since calling is required to be part of this initiative, the kids are most likely to seek the help of parents to submit their entries. The contest gives a chance for 2 lucky kids to win a 1 lakh rupee scholarship each from Godrej and others would get a merchandise of Pogo’s Mighty Raju cartoon character.

While this brand initiative ran for a week in January, 2015, we at Adgully caught up with Shireesh Joshi, Head Strategic Marketing, Godrej Group to discuss further.

The Campaign

We partnered with Pogo channel for a brand initiative this Republic week, where our primary motive was to reach out to the children as well as their parents. Our key objective of the activity was to ensure we increase love/admiration for Godrej by showcasing impact on the country through untold stories, the stories showed interesting facts about initiatives taken by Godrej over the years which have helped India and its growth story using a contest format i.e. the children to answer questions based on these facts.

The POGO way

Inculcating key values and communicating interesting facts about India will ensure the right message is been sent across amongst kids leading to love for the nation. Engaging parents to be part of this exercise will enable love for the brand that is doing it in a Nobel and novel way.

Kid’s television channels today have grown as a genre of viewing and kids are among the ones with highest affinity in our target group. Hence we decided to target the top cartoon character that is popular among the kids and is in a space that parents approve, since parental guidance is the primary factor in case of a kid’s entertainment channel. Moreover, participation chances increase when a kid’s favourite cartoon character is involved. Additionally, children should be aware of the latest innovations and technologies; this consequently leads to large gratification from parents therefore encouraging them to participate. Thus for a better outreach and proactive participation we decided to partner with a kid’s entertainment channel.


“We told Madison to keep it as simple and interactive as possible, since we are catering to a target group including children. Additionally we informed them to place fun elements in the ad that would attract the children and hook them to the idea of participating in the contest that includes their favourite cartoon character,” added Joshi.


The marketing and communication field is expanding every day, with diversity in ideas and innovation. He said, “We at Godrej have always believed in expressing our thoughts in a simple yet intelligent approach and which resonates with our target group, thus creating a top of the mind recall.”


The goal was to engage two target groups and ensure maximum participation, also through this activity we wanted to communicate and spread awareness about the various products and innovations through which Godrej has made the country proud. He adds, “For example the recent Mangalyaan mission, India is the only country in the world that has been able to launch the mission successfully in its first attempt and guess what Godrej has been a long-time partner with ISRO and the engine parts for the mission was made by Godrej.  Therefore, keeping in mind the spirit of the Republic day, we decided to reach out to the children as well as the parents and engage them in a fun, interactive and informative activity.”


Joshi told us that the two lucky winners were Anika Goel & Prabhudeva who received 1 lakh rupees scholarship each from Godrej. A total of 400 kids got merchandise of Pogo’s Mighty Raju cartoon character as a consolation prize.

Channels used

We ensure that all our communication and engagements are across media vehicles. Similar activity for a different audience was activated on Twitter/Facebook and on radio.

Way Forward

The current campaign of 8 films is working well for us in terms of consumer responses and leads on our Free G number. We intend to continue driving this campaign through various relevant media vehicles through the year. We also evaluate various topical and relevant points in the consumer’s life where we can intervene with insightful multimedia campaigns. By Archit Ambekar | Twitter: @aambarchit


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