Exclusive | Leading the OOH space: Global Advertisers' Sanjeev Gupta

An integrated outdoor advertising solution provider,  Global Advertisers has been growing by leaps and bounds in the Out of Home (OOH) space ever since it was founded in 1996. The company whose core business involves primarily hoardings, bus media, street furniture and gantry, has been promoted by Sanjeev Gupta, also the Managing Director who through his innovative ideas on branding and communication for both products & services has revolutionized the Indian outdoor industry. This has caught the attention of millions, including clients and the advertising fraternity with its path-breaking outdoor initiatives. Global's expertise includes excellent media planning, market research, strategic hoarding locations and 24X7 assistance. And its reach extends beyond Mumbai to Tier II and Tier III cities of India.

Global owns largest number of strategic hoardings, across Mumbai and has over the years launched over 500 Brands and 1,000 products. Some of the popular campaigns that the company has executed are for clients like Jaguar,Toyota, Tata Motors, Star Cruises, Raymond,  Bank of Baroda, Vodafone and Sony.

Says Sanjeev Gupta as one of the reasons behind the success of Global Advertisers, “the Indian outdoor industry is going through a transformation. New technology and modern ideas of new generation are combined to deliver the best solution to an advertiser. But, the fundamentals of business have not changed and so the demand of hoardings. Despite the cutting edge competition with LED Displays and Transit Media, hoardings are still considered as the ‘Most –Effective’ OOH media.” In 2012, an OOH campaign of a brand consists: 60 per cent hoardings, 20 per cent transit media, 15 per cent digital displays and 5 per cent other media, he addaed while speaking to Adgully.

Hoardings are likely to rule the OOH advertising market in coming years also. The reasons are not far to seek. It has been proved that the impact of hoarding on the consumer is much higher than any other OOH advertising media format. Being the static medium, hoardings communicates brand’s message to mass viewers in a most effective way. They are strategically positioned, which allow thousand ways of innovation, their 24X7 unavoidable presence creates strong re-call value for a brand and strongly influence the buying decision of a consumer.

Says Gupta, “OOH medium is the most cost-effective mode of advertising. For every budget, OOH industry has something to offer. Despite the economic slowdown, outdoor industry has grown because it caters to local market players as well as MNCs. An OOH campaign can be executed in a budget of five thousand also.”

On the flip side, Gupta says, “there are some major problems which the OOH industry faces such as illegal hoardings, standardization of price for an OOH property, unorganized market players and slack monitoring system. These are some of the areas where an OOH industry has to work upon.”

On major spenders, Gupta says, “while telecom, automobile, BFSI, FMCG, media & entertainment are the largest spenders, education, Marathi/Bhojpuri movies, travel & hospitality are the emerging sectors.” Commenting further on the resilience of the sector,

On future growth plans, Gupta says, he wants to expand Globals’ reach in Tier II and Tier III cities. “We would be acquiring premier locations, explore new OOH formats and focus on innovations. We will reinstate our monitoring system to calculate return on investment,” he avers.

Recently, Global Advertisers was honoured for 'Excellence in outdoor advertising' during the Kaizen India NBC Newsmakers Achievers’  Awards-2012. Global has also been honored with the prestigious Rashtriya Sanman Award by NEHRD and Lions' Favorite ‘Out of Home’ award at 18th Lions Gold Awards in 2012.


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