Exclusive | Securing Indians, recording growth: Zicom's Pramoud Rao

Ensuring protection & security of self, family members, employees, property, offices and livestock etc is an aspect of concern for all. Today on finds security cameras and other devices at vital installations like business houses, malls, banks etc. Use of security cameras is considered as best way of deterring the criminals from causing harm to you or your property (even when you are thousands of kilometers away from your place), keeping away intruders and even for checking activities of your kids.

Agrees Pramoud Rao. Founder and managing director, Zicom Electronic Security Systems, “there has been a tremendous growth in the industry compared to when we began. Earlier the security products needed to be sold, the current trend reveals the fact that security systems are not purchased off the shelf. While, the industry and the market have a long way to go, the era for electronic security has begun and the reason for this upsurge can be attributed to a lot of elements: The increasing crime rate due to socio-economic factors. The exposure of people to international destinations where they see the use of effective electronic security systems at home. The education levels. Increasing trend of nuclear families. Lower dependency on security personnel due to trust factor.”  He was speaking to Adgully.

Zicom is the pioneer in electronic security with many firsts to its credit in India. The only listed Security Company in India and the first to introduce wireless security equipments in the home and retail segment, Zicom is the market leader with its innovative array of reliable, state-of-the-art products and solutions. The company was amongst the first to launch security products in India and bring it to the home user.

In less than two decades Zicom has established itself as a leader in the security domain, introducing distinct innovations that the rest of the industry has followed. Over the years, Zicom has introduced Central Monitoring Station (Command Centre in 1995), wireless security equipments in the home and retail segment and security services called SaaS (Security as a Service). Adds Rao, “To launch SaaS Enterprise, a holistic approach towards Security Resource Planning (SRP) offering safety and security, business intelligence, loss prevention, comfort and convenience is required.”

Since the market has opened, there has been an increase in the demand, eventually showing an increase in our sales. The company notched net sales of Rs 281.31 crores and net profit of Rs 9.93 crores after minority interest for the six months period ended September 2012. Talking further about the company, Rao says, “we are currently present in 400 cities/towns of the country and in four countries abroad – US, Brazil, Qatar and Dubai.”

Recognizing the growing demand of structured education in the security industry, the company has ventured into imparting knowledge and education, including physical training and technical know-how of security systems. In less than a year, Zicom has trained several groups of security guards, security professionals, security supervisors, and security officers through its group company – Advanced Security Training and Management.

Zicom’s footprints spread across the entire security industry ensure complete peace of mind to all its individual and corporate clients. On future plans, Rao says, “We will continue to work towards innovating newer technology that suits the Indian Condition….Indian products for India. Our aim will be to touch the lives of every Indian and make it more and more affordable for everyone to use a security product.”

However the future growth may not be without challenges. The industry faces a huge challenge of being recognized. The security industry is still very fragmented and unorganized. The market today is proliferated with Chinese products being sold in the grey market. “Second challenge is the mindset issue. While there is growth, Security still remains at large, a luxury product meant for the affluent people. It is yet not part of the laundry list of the end consumer like a Microwave or a Vacuum cleaner,” concludes Rao.


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