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Even though lockdown restrictions are being lifted in India and businesses are gradually opening up, the growing number of COVID-19 cases are making people wary and it will take some more time for people to return to retail in a big way.

This has given online shopping an even bigger boost, and brands are now looking to offer more immersive technologies to up consumers’ shopping experience. For this, brands are seeing increasingly veering towards AR & VR Technologies.

To highlight ‘Bringing Brands To Life With AR & VR Technologies’, Advertising Club Bangalore is organising a panel discussion on Friday, June 5, 2020, between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm.

Joining the discussions will be:

Adhvith Dhuddu, CEO, AliveNow

Ashwin Jaishankar, Co- Founder, AutoVRse

Vivek Jain, CEO, FlippAR

At the helm of the discussions will be Aneesh Koorapathy, CEO, VRNACULARS & Tripvana, along with co-host Tina Mansukhani Garg, Founder & CEO, Pink Lemonade.

The discussions will cover a wide range of areas, including Definition of XR- 360 video, AR, VR, WebVR/AR and why brands should adopt them for their marketing and communications strategy, the key drivers/ inhibitors of this adoption, the integration of AR in Snapchat, Instagram and other digital platforms, and much more.

Giving a peek into what’s in store for brands and marketers, Aneesh Koorapathy said, “Unlike all previous technological disruptions, VR/AR allows us to consume information in 3D, thus enabling us to immerse ourselves in any environment. Take ‘Jurassic Park’ as an example. The printing press allowed us to read about it, the radio allowed us to hear its sounds, the television allowed us to see it, but VR/AR enabled you to be there! During a worldwide pandemic, this is every marketer’s dream. Customers can now truly visualise, explore, and experience what your brand has to offer, anytime, anywhere. Next generation consumers will not know of a world without VR/AR, much as the current generation does not know of a world without a touch screen or the Internet.”

Tina Mansukhani Garg added here, “There are tons of areas today where AR and VR technologies can help a brand bring alive the experience for the consumer. From training to property walkthroughs to garment personalisation and haircut selections, every experience can come alive by designing the brand touchpoint using the right technology. We have specially curated this webinar for many brands to understand what it takes and how technology can be leveraged today. This is especially relevant today, in a world where marketers are looking to connect with consumers online or launch their products and experiences virtually.”

Register now and join in the discussions on Friday, June 5, 2020, between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm.


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