Facebook and Twitter suspend US President Donald Trump's accounts

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have temporarily suspended US President, Donald Trump's accounts on their platforms. 

After the violent acts that broke out at Washington today, the social media giants have accused him of breaking their content guidelines and regulations. 

Facebook and Instagram have blocked Trump's accounts for 24 hours while Twitter blocked the account for 12 hours.

Image source: LA Times
Image source: LA Times

Certain posts made by the US President on Facebook were deleted and Twitter resorted to delete three tweets by him. 

Moreover, Facebook has also changed its label on posts which appears when the post may be fake. 

Twitter had begun proactively labeling Trump's posts last year before the US elections. During that time, Facebook faced tremendous heat from critics, users and even employees as it refused to take down some controversial posts by Trump. 

In general, social media platforms have been extremely slow in taking action against accounts involving a politician. However, such accounts and especially that of Trump, have been scrutinized over that past few years and debates have happened over the intent of certain posts, often citing violence. 


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