Facebook makes already existing Security Features Prominent for Users

Facebook has become more active to recover its users’ faith in the platform, following the recent scandal of user data breach. The social media platform has upped its ante as it highlights some of its already existing security features considering that’s the need of the hour for them to retain the users’ trust. Today morning, the social media giant made an announcement of doing away with partner categories program which enables third-party data providers such as Experian, Acxiom, and Quantium to target the facebook users. It also shared that the product enables these providers to offer their targeting directly on Facebook. While this is common industry practice, Facebook believes this step, winding down over the next six months, will help improve people’s privacy on the platform.

Also, to inform every regular user, Facebook is working to bring those features to public notice more prominently. According to Erin Egan, Chief Privacy Offer, Facebook, the updates are about transparency and not about gaining new rights for data use and share.

Erin Egan
Erin Egan

Since Facebook has become an easy access gateway for various other applications within the ambit of one big application, hackers have found their heaven to exploit users’ data. Mobile version of Facebook has set a freeway for greater risks.  

The redesigning of settings menu for mobile has been done in order to consolidate all primary controls on one screen. The platform has also cleaned up its outdated settings to make it clear as to what information can and can’t be shared with apps. The users will now have a new shortcut option in their menu which directly links the users to privacy settings.

According to Facebook, the new privacy shortcuts will come by way of a few taps and will let people add in two-factor authentication; composite access to what you’ve shared via Facebook with the option of deleting if you choose; controls for your ad settings, which will also include an explanation of how ads work on Facebook for those who might want to know more; and a link to help you control what and how you share on the site — that is, the setting of “public, friends only, and friends of friends.

As a part of its prevention plan, Facebook offers a suite of extra security features:

  • App Passwords- One-time passwords you can use to log in to your apps and help keep your Facebook password safe.
  • Login Approvals- Facebook's two-factor authentication. It is a security feature similar to login alerts, but with an extra security step.
  • Login Alerts/Notifications- Turn this feature on to have Facebook send you a text message, email or notification each time someone logs into your account from a new place.
  • One-Time Passwords- Use to log into your account anytime you feel uncomfortable entering your real password on Facebook.
  • Trusted Contacts- Lets you specify those you can reach out to if you ever need help getting into your Facebook account.
  • Mobile Security- Should you lose your phone, you can log out of Facebook to prevent someone else from accessing your account.

Find how to secure your account with Facebook’s Extra Security Feature here. Go Save Your Data!

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