Facebook’s outreach for Privacy focused Advertising

Facebook has seemingly now accepted that the new limits on what information is accessible to audience response to ads are the new norms and that it will need to work with app hosts to update its systems in order to better align with. After its initial strong opposition to evolving approaches to user data tracking, which have imposed significant limitations on the information that it's able to utilize within its ad targeting processes.

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Facebook explained: "With Apple and Google continuing to make changes via their browsers and operating systems, and with the changing privacy regulatory landscape, it’s important to acknowledge that digital advertising must evolve to become less reliant on individual third-party data. That’s why we’ve been investing in a multi-year effort to build a portfolio of privacy-enhancing technologies and collaborate with the industry on these and other standards that will support this next era."

Facebook developing a set of privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) for ads, helping to provide more insight within these data limitations, which will reduce the amount of data gathered and processed, to help protect personal information, while still facilitating insight into the campaign.

"We believe that PETs will support the next generation of digital advertising, which is why we’re investing in a multi-year effort with academics, global organizations, and developers to build solutions and best practices," mentioned Facebook.

Facebook states that PETs will include 'advanced techniques drawn from the fields of cryptography and statistics, which will reduce the data that’s processed, while still maintaining critical marketing functionality like admeasurement and personalization.

"Last year we began testing our Private Lift Measurement solution with select partners, which uses a privacy-enhancing technology called secure multi-party computation. This helps advertisers understand how their campaigns are performing while adding extra layers of privacy to limit the information that can be learned by the advertiser or Facebook," they added.


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