Fantasy Cricket App Howzat Is Keeping the Cricket Fever High

India is a paradise for business opportunities. The best minds from Silicon Valley, as well as entrepreneurs from across the globe, view India as a vast market with limitless potential. Investment opportunities continue to be tapped into in the flourishing Indian market.

 The digital economy, powered greatly by the internet boom, has been witnessing unprecedented growth. Consequently, the esports or fantasy cricket gaming industry has also been registering tremendous growth in the past few years. 

Fantasy cricket has made its mark as a massive billion-dollar industry with immense potential. Each projection and report, based on the latest market trends, signals that the fantasy sports market will continue to grow fast in the future too.

As more people gain access to smartphones, fantasy cricket apps like Howzat have become popular with gamers and cricket enthusiasts.

 There will always be companies looking to take advantage of and get a major share in a market as vast as fantasy gaming in India. A growing market means new opportunities for companies to dominate the market.

 Howzat is one such popular fantasy cricket app that is taking big strides, thanks to India’s millions of fantasy cricket lovers. Howzat is a major player in the fantasy sports industry, and this is evident from its more than 7 million active users.


Why is Howzat so popular?

Among the primary reasons why Howzat continues to succeed is that it has made the country’s favorite sport cricket more accessible to people. Players can now use their know-how of the sport and play fantasy cricket on their cell phones.

Besides cricket, Howzat also offers users the option to play other popular sports like fantasy football and kabaddi on the app. An exclusive feature of the app is Beat the Legend, in which you can challenge and compete with cricket stars like Yuvraj Singh, Irfan Pathan and Kumar Sangakkara. If your team plays better than Yuvraj’s or Pathan’s, you get a real prize.

Playing fantasy cricket keeps users engaged in their favorite sport. Consumers get the chance to be managers or owners of the teams and select any player of their choice.

 Another primary factor that makes fantasy gaming so popular is that it is not just limited to computers. Popular apps like Howzat can be downloaded from Howzat’s official website or the App Store/Play Store, and you can have fun playing your favorite sports on your phone.

 Playing games on certified multiplayer apps such as Howzat is entirely legal as it is a skill game. Skill games require users to have skills and a good knowledge of the game to win.

The more knowledge you have about a sport, the better your chances of scoring high in the fantasy game. As the game requires you to utilize your skills, Howzat is absolutely legal. Any big prizes that you win on Howzat fall under the category of your taxable, legal income.

How safe is Howzat?

 You need not be worried about safety on Howzat at all. It is a certified platform and has foolproof security features. All your personal information is kept safe and confidential. The platform uses the same encryption and security features that are used by banking apps and websites.

Once the app has been downloaded onto your phone, you can register, join contests and play right away. The app also provides a smooth progression from mobile phones to the PC, which means that you can now play your desired sport on the device of your choice.

 The future of fantasy sports

As per a report by McKinsey and Co. on India’s prospering digital economy, India has over 8 billion gaming app downloads every year. Players are ready to play RMG sports online. So apps like Howzat are helping give shape to the Indian fantasy gaming industry, whose future looks very bright.

 The revenue generated by online gaming will only rise in the coming years as fantasy sports expand in India. During the last IPL, for example, major apps like Howzat witnessed a massive upswing in the number of users, which led to the fast growth of the gaming industry’s revenue.

 Fantasy sports gaming lets a viewer become an active participant in the sport. That is a huge motivating factor for users to play fantasy games.

 Fantasy gaming has connected sports fans and sports players. The proof of this is that games like these are now played in real time with actual people based on real-world matches.

 Online fantasy gaming is a big contributor to the gaming industry’s growth, and sports apps are coming up with more new features to attract more players and further enhance the user experience. Since smartphones are becoming affordable for a growing number of people, more and more people are expected to engage in mobile gaming in the coming years, which will further increase the industry’s growth.



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