Fb utilization rises, in accordance with inner insights

It's true that Facebook is no longer the cool app, especially among younger audiences, but it remains a key platform for many. In the future, many people will continue to use Facebook every day since it keeps them up to date on important family and friend updates.
According to reports, over the course of a year, time spent on Facebook was up worldwide, including in developed markets.
Every day we see an individual losing interest in the platform and it seems unusual that the platform is gaining more time spent. With the platforms like Tik-Tok and other short video apps, Facebook has also been able to successfully use the short video trend to drive more usage and that step has proven to be a right.
Indeed, Reel consumption is up 20%, and has become a key element in Meta’s resurgence.
How is it finding success? Increased investment in AI has driven significant improvements in the relevance models that fuel both Reels and its ads, which are also now driving better response.
As Meta's systems get better at showing users the most relevant Reels content, users are getting a much better experience. Initially, your Facebook feed was a jumble of random clips. Now, it's more focused, and you're more likely to watch a Reels clip every now and then.
Despite being criticized for stealing TikTok's format, Meta has once again demonstrated that this is a viable and beneficial format for keeping users engaged, just like it did with Stories.


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