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Ffreedom app launches its first National brand campaign

Ffreedom app launches its first National brand campaign
Ffreedom app launches its first National brand campaign

Ffreedom app, India’s largest livelihood education company has launched a multi-film ad campaign titled “dignified ffreedom”, that seeks to educate women, farmers and small business owners on the opportunities that are available to them in order for them to build a livelihood and thus be independent. The campaign aims to inspire farmers and homemakers to break free from their misery of being dependent on others for their livelihood. The advertisements hints that people can earn their livelihood with dignity by learning a new skill. 

ffreedom app is a livelihood education platform that equips it’s subscribers with knowledge and expertise to bridge the gap between their aspirations and capabilities. The ad films, which capture the same, were conceptualized in-house. 

The ad campaign is currently being aired across TV Channels in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages and across all digital platforms. 

Set up in the rural context, the different instances portrayed in the campaign narrate problem statements which affect the community - be it dependence on people for finances, bribery money at election rallies, or availability of free ration at cheaper rates. The solution showcased in the ad campaigns is livelihood independence that the characters have gained due to the ffreedom app, which has helped them become financially independent. The campaign also tries to showcase how a homemaker can achieve financial freedom and break free from the traditional way of being dependent on the family.

C.S. Sudheer, founder and CEO, ffreedom app said, “We are on a mission to help millions of people become financially independent by reducing their dependency on others and helping them build a livelihood. We have imbibed a larger social message through each of the ads, making the stories and events depicted in the ads relatable to the viewer. Over the past two years, we have captured more than 2.1 million subscribers and aim to reach a larger audience in the Indian and global markets.” 

Pratap Kumar Behera, Chief Marketing Office, ffreedom app added, “We have been on a growth spree ever since we launched our ffreedom app and the response we have received from our learners is overwhelmingly positive. We have received a large number of subscribers, active learners, organically, and now we realized that it’s time we take our brand messaging to the next level - by communicating to the large scale masses.” 

As India prepares to celebrate 75th Independence Day, through this campaign ffreedom aims to reimagine the meaning of true freedom. 


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