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#FightBackCorona: Employment will be the biggest challenge: Atul Shrivastava

These are extraordinary times and we all are in uncharted territory. There is a lot of fear and negativity in all spheres due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. While the Corona Warriors are doing a tremendous job fighting from the frontlines, we at Adgully are embarking on an endeavour to highlight the positive developments during these challenging times. 

Adgully is featuring a series of brief interactions with industry leaders in India and find out how they are keeping their spirits up as well as keeping their employees motivated, also how they are joining in the fight against the adverse impact of the global pandemic. 

Laqshya Media Group Group CEO Atul Shrivastava’s actions to help employees navigate through the COVID-19 crisis are going a long way in reinforcing their trust in the organisation. 

What steps are you and your organisation taking to help out the society at large or those engaged in the war against Covid-19?
In our view, employment is going to be the biggest challenge in the society. We are focussing mainly on cost reduction and mobilising our resources to be able to retain the employees at large. It is a most unfortunate situation to keep the ball rolling, when the revenue is nil for almost a month.

For the Corona Warriors, we are planning to install Fumigation Tunnels at a few key locations. We are in touch with government authorities to get their permission and guidance to do the same in the cities marked as hotspots. 

How are you keeping your employees motivated and are encouraging them to give their best, even as they are working from home?
Everything in the workplace has changed, but what keeps employees motivated and what employers and leaders can do remains the same. We are trying to keep office culture intact, spirits high, ease mental and financial strain and have a little fun during a time of unprecedented stress for our employees.

Firstly, we are creating a sense of belonging by communicating regularly and confirming their value to the organisation. Checking on their suggestions & views on any topic of discussion as we might likely to get brilliant ideas, also providing guidance to explore online sessions, tutorials & webinars to upgrade their skills while juggling responsibilities at home & coping with isolation.

Secondly, we are connecting with our employees through collaboration and feedbacks. Also, we are taking their feedbacks on business so that they feel heard and let them know how we acted on their suggestions.

Last but not the least, we believe in offering flexibility & focusing on results, so we are giving our employees the freedom and authority to make decisions. Collectively, these actions can go a long way to reinforce our employees’ trust in the organisation. 

What is most needed in challenging times such as these:
(a) From the general public: Patience and sensitivity towards the Guidelines, howsoever difficult these may be to follow. But the only way to defeat this kind of virus is to maintain social distancing, follow the precautions on hygiene front and disclose details which may put you or others at risk. 

(b) From the authorities: Support the cause of employment by offering help to MSMEs, retail sector, hospitality industry, etc., so that they are able to survive this crisis. In a country with 40+ crore daily wage earners, it is very important to support the middle class people/ industries, which are the direct source of income for the majority of these daily wage earners. 

(c) From business leaders: Stand by their team and employees and, in turn, stand by the nation’s economy. Every business leader must realise that their net worth or personal wealth is earned from this country and through its people. These will become insignificant if the economy loses its strength. They must do an honest evaluation and effort to support the people attached to their business – whether a supplier, vendor or even the employees.


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