#FightBackCorona: It is an ‘all hands on the deck’ situation - Atul Shinghal

These are extraordinary times and we all are in uncharted territory. There is a lot of fear and negativity in all spheres due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. While the Corona Warriors are doing a tremendous job fighting from the frontlines, we at Adgully are embarking on an endeavour to highlight the positive developments during these challenging times. 

Over the next few weeks, Adgully will be featuring a series of brief interactions with industry leaders in India and find out how they are keeping their spirits up as well as keeping their employees motivated, also how they are joining in the fight against the adverse impact of the global pandemic. 

Atul Shinghal, Founder and CEO, Scripbox, writes about his organisation has cracked the success formula for Work From Home. There is no secret sauce involved, just plain old hard work and quickly adapting to a new work format. 

What steps are you and your organisation taking to help out the society at large or those engaged in the war against Covid-19?
100% of Scripbox employees are staying at home and working from home. We regularly communicate to them about complying with the regulations and prioritising their, their family’s and their community’s safety over everything else. As an organisation, we check in on this specifically. 

Scripbox and its employees are raising funds to donate to Karnataka State’s Relief Fund – the contributions made by the team would be matched by the company and donated to the fund. Additionally, our employees have been actively doing their bit to support the community around them by participating in local fundraising drives. 

How are you keeping your employees motivated and are encouraging them to give their best, even as they are working from home?
First and foremost, we are all working harder than ever, through all the remote work tools available to us, continuing to look after our customers. As a wealth manager, our work is that much more important in these turbulent and complex times. We have been proactively reaching out to our customers to assuage their concerns and helping them remain invested. And for the team, balancing this customer-facing hard work, with requirements of the family during the lockdown has kept everyone occupied, engaged and motivated. 

At a team level, instead of just turning around in our chairs or walking up to a colleague and solving a query, we are getting used to connecting over call and video. 

We do the corridor conversations, the table tennis and foosball sessions and the coffee-cup gossip, but our online Yoga and PUBG sessions are making up for some of the camaraderie that we are missing.  

For us, a financial services firm, business continuity is key and we are very proud of the way the team has rallied together to make sure that our customers have felt no impact of the change. 

What is most needed in challenging times such as these:
(a)  From the general public
To comply with the Government guidelines and assisting the needy in whatever capacity possible, in order to minimise the damage caused.

(b) From the authorities
Increase in the number of tests being administered and ensure that the penetration of initiatives being taken by the Government is deep, so as to be of use for the people they have been designed for.

(c)  From business leaders
It is an ‘all hands on the deck’ situation. Business leaders of organisations that can support the country’s healthcare requirements right now should pitch in. From the employees’ perspective, aside from helping them adapt to working from home, minimising the financial impact, protecting jobs and salaries is also key.


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